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Home » Fragrance & Body Oils » Feng Shui/Meditation

Feng Shui/Meditation

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Explore your inner peace with a relaxing ambience and aura -- these fragrances will help in focus, soothe, calm and revitalize your energy.
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 Champa Oriental   Champa Oriental 4.3/5
View 6 Review's

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 Champa flower with asian flair, warm spices, sandalwood. 
 Copal   Copal 4.8/5
View 18 Review's

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 A popular scent has surfaced -- our interpretation of the spicey, warm resin from South America, warm, creamy, smokey and unique. Similar to... 
 Copal (Deep)   Copal (Deep) 4.3/5
View 4 Review's

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 The magic of the rain forests of South America is encaptured in this bottle of uniquely sweet, woody, yet light and airy. 
 Copal (Gold)   Copal (Gold) 4.8/5
View 5 Review's

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 The citrus counter part to the more woody version, light, airy, mystical, resinous and woody undertones. 
 Dragon Cloud II   Dragon Cloud II 4.8/5
View 9 Review's

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 A fragrance formulated for a special client, but with a subtle twist -- creamy notes amidst a cornucopia of melons, apples, pears, candied fruit... 
 Feng Shui Earth   Feng Shui Earth 4.6/5
View 8 Review's

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 For inner peace to escape everyday unrest and get back to the earth, deep rich earthy notes of cedar wood, osmanthus, basil, patchouli with hints of... 
 Feng Shui Fire   Feng Shui Fire 3.8/5
View 4 Review's

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 For fiery romance to bring revitalization back into your life, rich intense white florals kissed with velvety mimosa and livened with light citrus... 
 Feng Shui Metal   Feng Shui Metal 4.3/5
View 3 Review's

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 For wealth and prosperity, a sharp blend of gardenias, white flowers, freshly cut roses touched with hints of citrus and earthy oakmoss to keep them... 
 Feng Shui Water   Feng Shui Water 4.2/5
View 5 Review's

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 For power with balance, aquatic notes surrounded with fresh jasmine, freesia, with hints of green tea. 
 Feng Shui Wood   Feng Shui Wood 4.7/5
View 3 Review's

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 For inner strength, strong bold cedarwood, patchouli, greens of basil and osmanthus livened with delicate citrus.This fragrance contains a percentage... 
 Good Fortune Happiness   Good Fortune Happiness 4.9/5
View 14 Review's

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 Mandarines and tangerines delicately accented with white florals. 
 Good Fortune Harmony   Good Fortune Harmony 4.8/5
View 4 Review's

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 Silky vanillas harmoniously blended with white flowers. 
 Good Fortune Love   Good Fortune Love 4.9/5
View 12 Review's

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 Sweet cherry blossoms balanced with sandalwood, lilies and freesia. 
 Good Fortune Peace   Good Fortune Peace 4/5
View 3 Review's

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 Purple iris, white flowers, wisterias, lilies and violets. 
 Good Fortune Prosperity   Good Fortune Prosperity 5/5
View 10 Review's

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 Cool, refreshing green tea accented with lilies and other white florals. 
 Good Fortune Tranquility   Good Fortune Tranquility 4.2/5
View 5 Review's

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 Three different gardenias accented with lilies. 
 High John The Conquerer II   High John The Conquerer II 3.5/5
View 2 Review's

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 Meditation and deep-thinkers come to love this second version as well as the first for soothing spiritual awakening, deep embers of mellow woods,... 
 High John The Conqueror   High John The Conqueror 4.6/5
View 5 Review's

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 Incense-y, spicy, herbal, unisexy and thick -- a deep spiritual mix of frankincense, myrrh, amber, resin, wood, oud, root and light florals that... 
 Indian Luck   Indian Luck 4/5
View 5 Review's

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 Warm, unique, and intriguing -- a ubiquitous blend of soft middle eastern spices and soft earthy woods. 
 Key Note: Incense Note   Key Note: Incense Note 3.8/5
View 8 Review's

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 Woody, sweet, resinous with very subtle hints of powdery florals, the incense note is a ubiquitous, beguiling, smoky and enticing addition to any... 
 Meditation Bliss   Meditation Bliss 4.6/5
View 11 Review's

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 Spiritual nag champa with sandalwoods, patchoulis, warm spices sweetened with frankincense. 
 Meditation Champa   Meditation Champa 5/5
View 9 Review's

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 Traditional nag champa accented with powdery lotus warmed with deep arabian spices and sandalwoods. 
 Meditation Exotica   Meditation Exotica 4.2/5
View 19 Review's

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 $25.66  $19.95 
 Deep eastern spices, patchoulis and sandalwood sweetened with frankincense and grounded with light notes of nag champa and dragons blood. 
 Meditation Haiku   Meditation Haiku 4.2/5
View 5 Review's

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 Crisp green tea infused with osmanthus and deepened with myrrh. 
 Meditation Heaven   Meditation Heaven 4.1/5
View 7 Review's

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 Spiritual and sweet myrrh accented with powdery lotus warmed with resinous frankincense. 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 36 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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