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Over 2500 high quality fragrance oils, body oils, incense supplies, essential oils, incense oils, scented incense, perfume bottles and vials, lotions, multibase, bath salts, fragrance oils starting at $9-10/lb!
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New Products

New Products
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Displaying 1001 to 1050 (of 4320 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40 ...  [Next >>] 
Blue FD&C Oil & Water Dye Colorant (.5 fl oz.) Blue FD&C Oil & Water Dye Colorant (.5 fl oz.)

Save On Scents Blue Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Safe Dye is great for coloring or tinting oils,...
Price: $3.50
IPM Isopropyl Myristate IPM Isopropyl Myristate

IPM is a great alternative to Perfumers' Alcohol when one needs to ship sprayable fragrance...
Price: $8.25
SOS Soy Candle Blend  (25 lbs) SOS Soy Candle Blend (25 lbs)

Our own blend of wax, we focused on proper container...

Price: $75.99
SOS Soy Candle Blend  (5 lbs) SOS Soy Candle Blend (5 lbs)

Our own blend of wax, we focused on proper container...

Price: $14.85
SOS Soy Candle Blend  (16 oz.) SOS Soy Candle Blend (16 oz.)

Our own blend of wax, we focused on proper container...

Price: $3.17
White Petrolatum (5 Gallons) White Petrolatum (5 Gallons)


USP Grade White Petrolatum
Commonly known at...

Price: $158.00
White Petrolatum (1 Gallon) White Petrolatum (1 Gallon)

USP Grade White Petrolatum

White Petrolatum (1 Gallon)
Date Added:

USP Grade White Petrolatum

Price: $34.99

White Petrolatum (1 lb.) White Petrolatum (1 lb.)
USP Grade White Petrolatum

White Petrolatum (1 lb.)
Date Added:
USP Grade White Petrolatum

Price: $5.25

Body Butter Body Butter

Our all day Body Butter was formulated after several rounds of testing. Truly an all day long...

Price: $6.75
White Tea & Ginger (BBW) |Type*| - Economy White Tea & Ginger (BBW) |Type*| - Economy
Fresh and slightly spiced, this fragrance is invigorating with subtle notes of exotic tea and...
Price: $17.80
Coconut Passion (W) V-S |Type*| Coconut Passion (W) V-S |Type*|
An SOS interpretation of the fragrance from the VS line. A delectable blend of vanilla, tonka bean,...
Price: $24.99
Lost In Fantasy (W) V-S |Type*| Lost In Fantasy (W) V-S |Type*|
An SOS interpretation of the tropical orchid based kiwi fragrance from the VS line....
Price: $18.53
Secret Charm (W) V-S |Type*| Secret Charm (W) V-S |Type*|
An SOS rendition of the fragrance from the VS line. A wonderfully sweet and provocative apple based...
Price: $21.00
Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $300-$400) Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $300-$400)

Rush fee for same day shipping. This will advance your order ahead of others in the queue for ...
Price: $40.00
Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $200-$300) Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $200-$300)

Rush fee for same day shipping. This will advance your order ahead of others in the queue for ...
Price: $30.00
Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $100-$200) Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $100-$200)

Rush fee for same day shipping. This will advance your order ahead of others in the queue for ...
Price: $20.00
Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $0-$100) Same Day Rush Fee (Orders between $0-$100)

Rush fee for same day shipping. This will advance your order ahead of others in the queue for ...
Price: $10.00
Haiku (W) |Type*| Haiku (W) |Type*|
A delicate, seductive fragrance SOS version of the popular Avon scent, possessing notes of...
Price: $22.95
Clean (W) |Type*| Clean (W) |Type*|
Our SOS interpretation of the much requested boutique fragrance, a bright burst of lemon and...
Price: $19.41
Gunpowder Gunpowder
The sulphurus smell of explosive powder. Not actually explosive... safe for use in candles of...
Price: $32.00
Light Beer Light Beer
A true beer fragrance. Based on Coors Light canned beer. Get a can and compare if you don't...
Price: $22.00
Michelle O (W) |Type*| Michelle O (W) |Type*|
Our homage to the first lady -- reflecting her love for clean and fresh citrus fragrances -- this...
Price: $22.00
Potus 1600 Barak O (M) |Type*| Potus 1600 Barak O (M) |Type*|
A truly presidential fragrance for men -- a fragrance to inspire Hope. This slightly spicy...
Price: $21.95
Pink Sugar Sensual (W) |Type*| Pink Sugar Sensual (W) |Type*|
Our brand new SOS interpretation of the sexy redux of original Pink Sugar fragrance. Added warmth...
Price: $22.95
Ivoire De Balman (W) |Type*| Ivoire De Balman (W) |Type*|
Our SOS interpretation of a classic natural and outdoorsy women's fragrance. Notes include soft...
Price: $22.95
Red Delicious (W) |Type*| Red Delicious (W) |Type*|
Our duplication of the apple based women's fragrance. Notes of lychee, vanilla Bean, champagne,...
Price: $25.15
Parisienne (W) |Type*| Parisienne (W) |Type*|
Our sultry duplication of the new YSL fragrance. Notes include blackberry, violet, patchouli,...
Price: $31.99
Starlet Starlet
A drop dead gorgeous fragrance. Sleek, sophisticated, chic & sexy. Top notes of wild berry and...
Price: $23.05
Ginger Cookie Crisp Ginger Cookie Crisp
Like a freshly baked ginger snap.
Price: $18.99
Herbal Escence (Original) |Type*| Herbal Escence (Original) |Type*|
Our dead on SOS version of the 1970s original herbal fragrance that is no longer...
Price: $18.95
Peace Love & Juicy (W) |Type*| Peace Love & Juicy (W) |Type*|
Top notes of lemon blosson, pink florals, black currant, macintosh apple, with middle notes of warm...
Price: $36.00
Very Hollywood (W) |Type*| Very Hollywood (W) |Type*|
Our SOS interpretation of the new designer fragrance. A soft, yet sweet blend of white florals. An...
Price: $24.82
Viva La Juicy (W) |Type*| Viva La Juicy (W) |Type*|

Top - Wild berries and Mandarin
Middle - Honeysuckle, Gardenia and Jasmine
Base -...
Price: $25.00
My Life (W) |Type*| My Life (W) |Type*|
Our SOS rendition of the new designer fragrance. Notes of gardenia, pear, freesia, tuberose,...
Price: $25.75
Monkey Farts Monkey Farts
Forgive us but we did not name this, and honestly, it's what you might expect. A playful...
Price: $15.65
Pink Grapefruit (BBW) |Type*| Pink Grapefruit (BBW) |Type*|
Bitter citrus top notes with light musk undertones wrap around woody slightly fruity bases.
Price: $19.45
Aseel Al-Re-hab |Type*| Aseel Al-Re-hab |Type*|
Underlying green & woody yet elegantly floral with notes of rose, jasmine and a magnolia...
Price: $18.95
Dehn Al-Oud Al-Re-hab (U) |Type*| Dehn Al-Oud Al-Re-hab (U) |Type*|

Top - Spicy notes and Frankincense
Middle - Oud and Incense
Base - Sandalwood, Musk and...
Price: $26.85
Balkis Al-Re-hab |Type*| Balkis Al-Re-hab |Type*|

Top - Raspberry and Bergamot
Middle - Jasmine, Powdery notes and Red berries
Base -...
Price: $22.00
Red Rose Al-Re-hab |Type*| Red Rose Al-Re-hab |Type*|

Top - Rose and Raspberry
Middle - Rose and Jasmine
Base - Vanilla and...
Price: $14.95
Dalal Al-Re-hab |Type*| Dalal Al-Re-hab |Type*|
Soft, sweet and slightly woody with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, light florals and shea butter.
Price: $28.30
Oudy Al-Re-hab |Type*| Oudy Al-Re-hab |Type*|
Agarwood personified in this rich and balsamic oil.

[Type*] - Name trademarks and...
Price: $36.00
Shadha Al-Re-hab (W)  |Type*| Shadha Al-Re-hab (W) |Type*|

Top - Rose and Geranium
Middle - Rose, Peony and Jasmine
Base - Vanilla and...
Price: $22.97
Soft Al-Re-hab (U) |Type*| Soft Al-Re-hab (U) |Type*|

Top - Lemon, Lime and Mandarin orange
Middle - Orchid, Jasmine and Caramel
Base -...
Price: $24.10
Aspen Forest Aspen Forest
Soft notes of citrus compliment the heavy sage-like bases smelt throughout, with spicy, yet floral...
Price: $25.00
Lemon Ginger Cookie Lemon Ginger Cookie
A blast of citrus enveloped in a ginger base, with hints of bergamot and italian lemon.
Price: $23.50
Milk Milk
Our truest milk fragrance. Great in blends, to bring a warm creamy note or as a soft standalone.
Price: $20.80
Spiced Lavender Spiced Lavender
Lavender, sans the soft and light fragrance of traditional lavender fragrances. Deep woods and...
Price: $27.55
Monoi Tiare Monoi Tiare
More floral than our Monoi De Tahiti, the tiare is at the forefront with a subtle coconut milk base...
Price: $18.85
Monoi De Tahiti Monoi De Tahiti
The popular scent of Tahitian gardenia petals soaked in a bath of coconut oil -- our interpretation...
Price: $15.65
Displaying 1001 to 1050 (of 4320 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40 ...  [Next >>] 
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