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Home » Fragrance & Body Oils » Fragrances By Category » Verte Line

Verte Line

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Verte is a new family of fragrances inspired by french lime and the joys of every day life.
Fragrances Inspired By French Lime
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 Au Chocolat Dverte   Au Chocolat Dverte 5/5
View 6 Review's

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 This fragrance is a complex blend of Mexican chocolate, African cocoa, cream, chocolate liqueur, orange zest, and of course french lime. Every... 
 Bonbon Dverte   Bonbon Dverte 4/5
View 2 Review's

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 Bonbon D'verte is true to name and keeps getting sweeter and sweeter the more you smell. Just when you think it is too sweet to handle, a sour note... 
 Cirque Dverte   Cirque Dverte 4.5/5
View 8 Review's

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 Circus Of Green brings together all the elements required for a fun, light hearted, yet intriguing fragrance experience. Unlike the other fragrances... 
 Debauche Dverte   Debauche Dverte 5/5
View 3 Review's

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 Debauche D'verte rounds out the family of fragrances with a wild blend of sensual warm amber, heady musks, and rich cocoa.D'verte is a new... 
 Fleur De Champs Dverte   Fleur De Champs Dverte 3.5/5
View 2 Review's

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 Meaning Green Field Of Flowers, this smooth fragrance brings to mind sweet flower blossoms melded with a splash of refreshing... 
 Oxygene Dverte   Oxygene Dverte 5/5
View 5 Review's

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 Green Air is a delicate but bright fragrance that manages to bring a sparkling high note to white tea and lime base. D'verte is a new family of... 
 Plaisir Dverte   Plaisir Dverte 5/5
View 1 Review

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 Plaisir D'verte translates literally to Pleasure Of Green. This soft citrus member of the french lime family of fragrances brings a refreshing... 
 Serein Brise Dverte   Serein Brise Dverte 
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 Serein Brise D'verte translates literally to Green Serene Breeze. A calming blend of light white florals, a note of soft vanilla, even softer hints... 
 Tranquille Dverte   Tranquille Dverte 5/5
View 4 Review's

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 Tranquille D'verte  translates to Green Tranquility. This fragrance works amazingly as a meditation oil, featuring a deep blend of tropical florals,... 
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 
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