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Our Interpretation Of:

Vanilla : Bath Products Made With This Fragrance

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Luxury Bath Products

Now you can purchase any of our fragrances pre-made as your favorite bath products!

8 fl oz Bath Oil -- In a clear, 8 oz. P.E.T. Bullet Bottle, with a matte silver disc top. Made with our Liquid SilkBasefor water softening, at a hefty 20-25% fragrance for an amazing scented and water softening bath experience.
8 oz Bath Salts -- In a clear, 8 oz. P.E.T. Jar with a white plastic cap. Our popular Luxury Spa Bath Salts Blend with 6-9% fragrance load, softens bath water and makes bath time a luxuriously scented affair.
Glycerine Soap Bar - 3 Pack --Made from our Crystal Clear Glycerin Soap Base, this bar soap comes 3 per pack, wrapped individually in shrink packaging. 4% fragrance for maximum scent power.
8 oz Exfoliating Microscrub -- In a clear, 8 oz. P.E.T. Jar, with a white plastic top. Made with our uniform Exfoliating Micro Scrub Base, this products is fantastic for facial or body cleansing -- compare to high end exfoliating scrubs. Lightlly fragranced at 2-3% to account for sensitive facial skin.
8 fl oz Salon Shampoo -- In a clear, 8 oz. P.E.T. Bullet Bottle, with a matte silver disc top. Contains 1% Liquid SilkBase to leave hair smooth and silky. Made with our Pearlized Shampoo Base and a satisfying 3-6% fragrance for a truly top shelf beauty product.
8 fl oz Shower Gel & Bubble Bath -- In a clear, 8 oz. P.E.T. Bullet Bottle, with a matte silver disc top. Formulated with our Luxury Spa Suspension Shower Gel & Bubble Bath Base and an invigorating 3-6% fragrance, leaves the body squeaky clean when used as shower gel and foams up for a relaxing bubble bath. Either way, this formula leaves a nice afterscent.

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Product Reviews
Tia R - 01/25/2020 5 of 5 Stars!
For years, nearly every vanilla fragrance oil I have purchased from various companies have been duds. They always smell great OOB, but quickly turn chemical-like or spoiled milk-like once on skin (I make lotions/perfume.) I purchased the 1/2 oz Extreme Conc. Testing Sampler and included Vanilla on a whim. I really glad I did. Expecting this scent to morph just like all the others, I tested it on my wrist without much hope. It's been on my wrist for over an hour now and to my surprise, there is no chemical smell, no spoiled milk smell.. just a pleasantly sweet (not too sweet) vanilla. My only complaint is that I wish it was stronger, as the scent does fade quite a bit. It's still there though, just lingering softy. Just my luck, after searching for the perfect vanilla for nearly a decade, I find it, and it's quite mild lol. It will make a great blender for those seeking a quiet vanilla note.
Shannon T - 03/22/2015 3 of 5 Stars!
It is a sweet Vanilla. I don't find it to be true Vanilla. Pleasant enough but synthetic somewhat. Bought in SNIFFIE for incense.
John N - 12/04/2014 5 of 5 Stars!
(Ex. Con.) This is strong OOTB. It smells like rice krispie treats and/or those air freshner beads for cars. It is not too sweet and not too buttery. There is no alcohol smell like vanilla extract, nor is it like a full sticky vanilla bean. I definitely detect some cereal notes. It also smells a bit like bourbon with a subtle tobacco backnote. I would describe this as a middle of the road vanilla.
Miranda E - 02/20/2014 5 of 5 Stars!
This smells like real vanilla. Not too sweet or overpowering like some others I have tried. Blends very well with other fragrances. I got this as a sample in extreme concentration. Worked will in M&P soap.
angela p - 03/14/2013 3 of 5 Stars!
another good vanilla mixer for the pumpkin scented family. i am presently seeking a vanilla i wear as a stand alone. i did not like this one by itself.
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