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New Products

New Products
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Fairy Dust (W) |Type*| Fairy Dust (W) |Type*|

Top - Pink Peony, Champagne and Orange Blossom
Middle - Gardenia, Peach and Lotus
Base -...
Price: $21.75
Miami Nights Miami Nights
The electric heat and excitement of Miami nightlife is embodied in this bold fragrance for women,...
Price: $32.00
Sweet Peony Sweet Peony
Upscale and chic, this undervalued delicate floral proves to be a star amidst a bouquet of tea...
Price: $23.95
Spring Fresh Air Spring Fresh Air
A eye-opening blast of clean aquatics, spa-like in its clarity and invigorating in its sparkle with...
Price: $18.95
Raspberry Leaf Raspberry Leaf
Heavy raspberry leaves surround sun-kissed raspberries, sweet and summery with mild notes of tea.
Price: $25.00
Amber Tonka Bean Amber Tonka Bean
This creamy, woody original introduces the main star -- tonka -- with middle notes of white musks,...
Price: $33.00
Light Blue (M) |Type*| Light Blue (M) |Type*|
Our counterpart interpretation of the very popular women scent brings forth this aquatic, hip and...
Price: $35.00
Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink |Type*| Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink |Type*|

Top - Honey and Milk Chocolate
Middle - Dark Chocolate and Sugar
Base -...
Price: $25.00
Woodshed Woodshed

Top - Caraway and Tea Tree
Middle - Anise, Rosemary and Clove
Base - Cedar and...
Price: $35.00
Wishing Well Wishing Well
A fantastic water and earthen-based fragrance inspired by the cool aromatics of a bottomless stone...
Price: $23.10
Windex |Type*| Windex |Type*|

Top - Anise and Lemon
Middle - Juniper, Jasmine and Clary Sage
Base - Vanilla and...
Price: $20.25
Water Sprite Fairy Water Sprite Fairy
A light and ethereal fragrance blend comprised of tranquil ozonic waters enhanced with a delicate...
Price: $20.85
Vinyl Vinyl
Synthetic smelling, slightly rubbery, slightly plastic concoction -- think patent leather.
Price: $28.00
Typhoon Typhoon
As if caught in an tropical Asian hurricane, howling winds have whipped up this spout of sea water,...
Price: $28.00
Raid |Type*| Raid |Type*|
That sour, insecticide scent.

[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights are...

Price: $35.00
Top Banana Jelly Belly |Type*| Top Banana Jelly Belly |Type*|
Very sweet banana indeed!

[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights are...

Price: $15.95
Tipsy Gypsy Tipsy Gypsy
A daring and adventurous, sparkling champagne bubbling with meaty pears, apples, eye-opening...
Price: $17.85
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
Deep, dark, cool and mysterious with a heavy mood.
Price: $42.00
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool
The essence of a swimming pool in a bottle! A chlorine accord and ozonic notes, sharp and...
Price: $23.95
Waterspring Waterspring
A marriage of clean, ethereal aquatics, vegetation and florals, with balanced notes of leather,...
Price: $28.00
Sugar Plum Fairies Sugar Plum Fairies
Whimsy abounds in this sweet dance of sugar plums, apples, pears, powdered sugar, and herbal greens...
Price: $29.00
Stink Bug Stink Bug
The stink bug causes nostrils to flair when it sprays its odor into the air -- great for a laugh or...
Price: $22.76
Steampunk Steampunk
Vintage, eclectic mix reminiscient of an old metal working, steam engine warehouse -- masculine and...
Price: $35.00
Spice Candy Drops Spice Candy Drops
Sweet, yet spicy, with a slight hint of mint -- an old-fashioned confection from the past.
Price: $21.00
Sparkle Berry Sparkle Berry
Energizing yuzu tops this sparkling nose-treat of blackberry, muscadine and pears with a slight...
Price: $19.65
Snowflake Flurries Snowflake Flurries
A refreshing blast of cool uplifting mints, soft powdery aquatics, and herbal patchouli blended to...
Price: $24.85
Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow
A haunting fragrance of black seedlings and vines snaking through dark woods, aged bark, moist...
Price: $31.00
Ski Slope Ski Slope
Snow covered mountain, bitter cold air chills and whiffs of pines, eucalyptus sprinkled throughout.
Price: $26.00
Serendipity Serendipity
A surprisingly delightful fragrance medley of almond liqueur, orange zest and coconut in a delicate...
Price: $25.00
Salt Water Taffy Salt Water Taffy
Old fashioned candy, pulled sweet with just a hint of salt.
Price: $25.00
Red Bull |Type*| Red Bull |Type*|
Sparkling, high-energy tang with a citrus kick!

[Type*] - Name trademarks and...

Price: $28.00
Puppy Breath Puppy Breath
Playful, milky with hints of dirt, grass and mischief.
Price: $32.00
Pressed Flowers Pressed Flowers
Aged florals bring about a honey sweet nuance to a page of pressed camellias, daisies, lilies, iris...
Price: $26.00
Powder (Men) Powder (Men)
A grown-up, masculine powder scent -- great alone for a variation of a powder fragrance, but...
Price: $23.75
Plywood Plywood
One whiff of this fragrance oil and you'll feel like you're walking through the cut wood section of...
Price: $35.00
Playground Playground
From childhood memories, grass and dirt, with bitter dry woods.
Price: $42.00
Pistachio Pistachio
Not shelled, dry roasted pistachios.
Price: $32.00
Oak Barrel Oak Barrel
The scent of a aged oak barrel, slightly bitter, yet sweet in an amber, almost syrupy way.
Price: $35.00
Newsprint Newsprint
The scent of a freshly unrolled newspaper.
Price: $22.95
New Carpet New Carpet
New textile and glue combination, with a light rubbery accent.
Price: $28.00
Fungus Fungus
Bitter, wet, dirt dryness, with a very light herbal note.
Price: $36.00
Mr. E (Dark Fougere) Mr. E (Dark Fougere)
The mysterious character fragrance with top notes of citric anise, hearts of masculine lavender and...
Price: $35.00
Mothball Mothball
Like an old mothball filled dusty closet.
Price: $34.00
Morning Mist Morning Mist
Eye opening blast of fresh air, cooled cement, rock and dewey grass.
Price: $35.00
Moon Pie |Type*| Moon Pie |Type*|
Chocolate and vanilla, frosted caked cookie treat.

[Type*] - Name trademarks and...

Price: $18.74
Mold Mold
Pungent, dry, light woody scent.
Price: $23.15
Mildew Mildew
Earthy, sour, bitter. Great in blends to add a touch of sourness/bitterness, particularly to...
Price: $30.00
Midnight Moon Midnight Moon
Beguiling and complex, with top notes of blackberry and wine, middle notes of pepper, dark spices...
Price: $31.00
Midnight Mist Midnight Mist
In the middle of the night after the outdoors has cooled, a therapeutic scent emerges, intense with...
Price: $45.00
Metallic Steel Metallic Steel
The clean, cold and masculine scent of steel rods captured in a bottle, think mercury.
Price: $40.00
Displaying 451 to 500 (of 4290 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  [Next >>] 
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