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New Products

New Products
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Wild Musk (W) |Type*| Wild Musk (W) |Type*|
The classic scent from the 70s generations, seductive, sensual musk with powdery...
Price: $29.00
Wealth Wealth
From the Line of Magick: Luck in a bottle? Maybe. Clear notes of aldehydes give an essence of...
Price: $17.95
Vintage 1922 Vintage 1922
This chypre target from our accord kit takes you back to the 1920's, with top notes of bergamot and...
Price: $25.50
V8 Splash Berry Blend |Type*| V8 Splash Berry Blend |Type*|
Crisp and very berry, this will blast you with a fruity cocktail of fragrance.


Price: $28.00
Terre DHerms (M) |Type*| Terre DHerms (M) |Type*|

Top - Orange and Grapefruit
Middle - Pepper and Pelargonium
Base - Benzoin,...
Price: $43.00
Sunrise Sunrise
In it's simplicity, this will brighten any mood, soft heliotrope, honeydew and delicate musk...
Price: $23.35
Sugar (Raw) Sugar (Raw)
Sugar in the raw like fragrance -- sweet with hints of brown and cane sugars.
Price: $24.74
Success Success
From the Line of Magick: Dark and spicy with hints or resin, incense and woody patchouli, lightly...
Price: $40.00
Strawberry Bodyshop |Type*| Strawberry Bodyshop |Type*|
Fresh, sweet strawberry with slightly tart nuances.

[Type*] - Name...
Price: $15.95
Spoil Me Spoil Me
From the Line of Magick: Pamper yourself with a scent bouquet of orchids, geraniums, roses,...
Price: $21.00
Soft Blanket YC |Type*| Soft Blanket YC |Type*|

Top - Jasmine and Cherry blossom
Middle - Freesia and Powdery notes
Base - Vanilla and...
Price: $32.00
Simple Syrup (Sugar) Simple Syrup (Sugar)
Sweet, sticky candy coating which can be used with other fragrances to create candied variations.
Price: $27.95
Plumeria In Autumn Plumeria In Autumn
The target for our white floral accord kit, this delicate floral opens with a candied peach burst...
Price: $18.75
Pink Lady Slipper YC |Type*| Pink Lady Slipper YC |Type*|
Powdery, sweet pea - like take on this hard to find flower.

[Type*] - Name...
Price: $25.00
Pink Cupcake Glamour Pink Cupcake Glamour
A first scent look from our newest fragrance maven, teens, tweens and young ladies beware -- this...
Price: $24.25
Pineapple Cilantro YC |Type*| Pineapple Cilantro YC |Type*|
Sweet pineapple and creamy coconut, with an aromatic cilantro accord connecting the top and base...
Price: $28.00
Passport South Beach (W) |Type*| Passport South Beach (W) |Type*|

Top - Nectarine, Lotus and Freesia
Middle - Osmanthus, Marigold and Jasmine
Base -...
Price: $35.00
Over The River YC |Type*| Over The River YC |Type*|
Masculine, clean and deep, swirling rivers of aquatics.

[Type*] - Name...

Price: $23.95
Midnight Jasmine YC |Type*| Midnight Jasmine YC |Type*|
Sweet jasmine, honeysuckle and fresh orange blossom blend into this dewy floral gem by the popular...
Price: $17.95
Meyer Lemon YC |Type*| Meyer Lemon YC |Type*|
Sweet and sour lemon accord with a base of vanilla sugar.

[Type*] - Name...
Price: $17.25
Lighthouse Lighthouse
From our aquatic accord kit, this target sample whisks you away to a stormy summer New England...
Price: $32.00
Lady Of The Pale Horse Lady Of The Pale Horse
From the Line of Magick: Packed with florals, this bouquet will take you to a garden paradise --...
Price: $28.00
Essentials (M) Lacostes  |Type*| Essentials (M) Lacostes |Type*|
Masculine notes of citrus lime, middle notes of lavender and aquatic florals, tomato leaf and cool...
Price: $25.55
Kyphii Kyphii
From the Line of Magick: Melange of white florals elevate this fragrance to another realm,...
Price: $35.00
Irresistible Irresistible
From the Line of Magick: Straight to the east, this oriental fragrance transports you to far away...
Price: $18.95
Io-Kepa (M) Narcotique |Type*| Io-Kepa (M) Narcotique |Type*|

A signature fragrance, deep herbal opening with a touch of cranberry introduces you to a dark...

Price: $26.95
Intoxicating Lotus Intoxicating Lotus
From our custom scent creation lab comes this burst of vibrant citruses -- lemons, orange peel and...
Price: $30.95
High John The Conquerer II High John The Conquerer II
Meditation and deep-thinkers come to love this second version as well as the first for soothing...
Price: $36.00
Garden Sweet Pea YC |Type*| Garden Sweet Pea YC |Type*|
Summer has arrived! A favorite by the popular candle company - sweet pea, lilacs and strawberry in...
Price: $20.35
Formula 1 Exhaust Formula 1 Exhaust
Heavy, motor fuel exhast fragrance, great to use as a mixer for the fast and furious in fragrance.
Price: $33.00
Forest Twilight Forest Twilight
The wood accord target sample offers this unique and boutique woody scent rich in sparkling peach...
Price: $39.00
Fluffy Towels YC |Type*| Fluffy Towels YC |Type*|
Fresh cottony towels embodied in a fragrance oil! Perfect for spring and summer.

Price: $32.00
Fig & Apricot Glaze Fig & Apricot Glaze
Candied, sweet figs and apricot paired to make baked tart type glaze.
Price: $23.65
Eau Tendere (W) |Type*| Eau Tendere (W) |Type*|

Top - Grapefruit and Quince
Middle - Jasmine and Hyacinth
Base - Musk, Iris,...
Price: $29.45
Earth Goddess Earth Goddess
From the Line of Magick: Succulent fruits, berries, currants and tree ripened oranges accent this...
Price: $28.00
Dickens Christmas Dickens Christmas
Cozy up to this festive holiday delight with notes of orange tea, apple cider, cinnamon stick and a...
Price: $21.95
Cranberry Joy Bodyshop |Type*| Cranberry Joy Bodyshop |Type*|

Top - Cranberry and Clementine
Middle - Cranberry and Pomegranate
Base - Mixed...
Price: $28.00
Craft Store (Spend On Me) Craft Store (Spend On Me)
From the Line of Magick: A year-round essence of festivities, holidays of merriment and whimsical...
Price: $25.00
Cherry (Maraschino) Cherry (Maraschino)
Sweet hints of vanilla cream and sugar syrup envelop rich, mouthwatering juiciness of whole...
Price: $25.00
Ceres Ceres
From our custom duplication service, a meditation type fragrance, rich in eastern softness with a...
Price: $36.00
Candied Star Glamour Candied Star Glamour
Young, trendy, hip with creamy notes of vanilla, china lily, bamboo and starfruit as a top and...
Price: $28.00
Beach Walk YC |Type*| Beach Walk YC |Type*|
Breezy, clean, fresh florals mix with salty and crisp notes that sweep across the coast as you gaze...
Price: $32.00
Aberdeen Aberdeen
Young and hip, this temptress with her fun-loving charisma and bubbly personality, will capture you...
Price: $20.65
Perfumers Alcohol (Gallon) SDA 40b - NO AIR SHIPPING Perfumers Alcohol (Gallon) SDA 40b - NO AIR SHIPPING
USPS does not ship flammable materials. When...
Price: $84.00
Unscented 1 inch Charcoal Cones Unscented 1 inch Charcoal Cones


Price: $22.49
Sky Sky
Our interpretation of a customer request via our custom scent creation service. A composition of...
Price: $32.00
Skin So Soft |Type*| Skin So Soft |Type*|
Our rendition of the impressive bath and body oil use by so many. Primarily an unsweetened coconut...
Price: $35.00
Grey Flannel (M) |Type*| Grey Flannel (M) |Type*|
Our interpretation of the wonderful smell of olde London. Top citrus notes intertwine with lavender...
Price: $30.99
Gain |Type*| Gain |Type*|
Our rendition of the fragrance that makes your laundry smell soapy clean yet bright and...
Price: $20.95
Unscented 2 inch Backflow Wood Cones Unscented 2 inch Backflow Wood Cones


2 Inch Wood Backflow...

Price: $18.99
Displaying 601 to 650 (of 4290 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  [Next >>] 
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