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New Products

New Products
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Eau Fraiche (M) |Type*| Eau Fraiche (M) |Type*|

Top - Lemon, Bergamot, Rosewood, and Starfruit
Middle - Cedar, Tarragon, Sage and...
Price: $20.65
Freshly Clean Freshly Clean
Sparkling and fresh, clean florals.
Price: $17.55
Tuberose Lei Tuberose Lei
Full strands, with fresh greens, freshly misted with musked maile attached, a full-bodied immersion...
Price: $33.00
Coriander Coriander
A close approximation to the ever so difficult to master herb.
Price: $25.80
Melon Musk Melon Musk
Watermelon and cucumber are the highlights of this minimalist boutique cosmetic fragrance, set...
Price: $18.95
April Violets Yardley  |Type*| April Violets Yardley |Type*|

Violets in spring, rejuvenated from a brisk morning rain, set in a backdrop of lavender and...

Price: $28.99
Violetta Penhaligan (W) |Type*| Violetta Penhaligan (W) |Type*|
Violets hightlight this effervescent timeless floral, accented with iris, orris, geranium with...
Price: $28.99
Calamus CdG (U) |Type*| Calamus CdG (U) |Type*|
Green tonalities set the stage for this masterpiece, fresh, crisp, wet and leafy -- all that make...
Price: $38.95
Verbena Origins |Type*| Verbena Origins |Type*|
The citrus favorite, verbena is showcased in this deep and rich boutique fragrance.

Price: $20.85
Sea Island Cotton (BBW)  |Type*| Sea Island Cotton (BBW) |Type*|
As fresh ocean breezes sweep over white sands, the scent of sun drenched cottons and flapping linen...
Price: $31.00
Plum Fantasy Plum Fantasy
An interpretation of a local favorite in NYC, a seductive blend of sweet plums and white flowers in...
Price: $19.79
Vanilla Fantasy |Type*| Vanilla Fantasy |Type*|
An interpretation of a local favorite in NYC, a seductive blend of vanilla bean, tonka, leather in...
Price: $23.45
Reed Diffuser Base Reed Diffuser Base
Our reed diffuser base is great for preparing your fragrance oils for reed diffusion....
Price: $4.50
Twilight Woods (BBW) |Type*| Twilight Woods (BBW) |Type*|
Our popular SOS rendition of the fragrance by B&BW is packed with all the notes that make a...
Price: $24.00
Forever Pink (W) V-S |Type*| Forever Pink (W) V-S |Type*|
A great standalone interpretation or addition to a blend. This fragrance has the basic notes of...
Price: $35.00
Kim K Gold (W) |Type*| Kim K Gold (W) |Type*|
This is our rendition of a surprisingly refined fragrance. The top notes are mouthwateringly juicy...
Price: $25.00
Make Me Pink (W) V-S |Type*| Make Me Pink (W) V-S |Type*|

Top - Strawberry and Raspberry
Middle - Orchid and Heliotrope
Base - Vanilla and...
Price: $42.00
Forever Blushing (W) V-S |Type*| Forever Blushing (W) V-S |Type*|
A soft sweet note of pear entwined with rose and pear blossoms welcome you to this fragrance, to be...
Price: $29.95
Be Seduced (W) V-S |Type*| Be Seduced (W) V-S |Type*|
Our seductive version of a musky raspberry cream favorite for women.


Price: $22.58
Daffodil Daffodil
Like a bouquet of various types of freshly picked daffodils -- some subtley spicy, some soft and...
Price: $28.00
High John The Conqueror High John The Conqueror
Incense-y, spicy, herbal, unisexy and thick -- a deep spiritual mix of frankincense, myrrh, amber,...
Price: $40.00
Country Chic (BBW) |Type*| Country Chic (BBW) |Type*|

Top - Grapefruit, Pear, Green notes, Tagetes and Amalfi lemon
Middle - Jasmine, African...
Price: $22.95
Disposable 7ml Dropper Pipette (500) Disposable 7ml Dropper Pipette (500)

While these are disposable dropper pipettes, they are an indespensable tool for any perfumer....
Price: $29.50
Disposable 7ml Dropper Pipette (100) Disposable 7ml Dropper Pipette (100)

While these are disposable dropper pipettes, they are an indespensable tool for any perfumer....
Price: $7.00
Midnight Jasmine Midnight Jasmine
A dark mysterious trailing jasmine fragrance that enters your home at midnight -- a sexy jasmine,...
Price: $25.95
Mango Flower Mango Flower
A bright, floral with hints of island mango peel and a light floral finish -- reminiscent of...
Price: $18.95
Tiempe Passate (W) |Type*| Tiempe Passate (W) |Type*|
Our SOS interpretation of another masterpiece fragrance from AF. A delicate, light, creamy and...
Price: $35.00
Japanese Quince Seda Candle |Type*| Japanese Quince Seda Candle |Type*|
Our interpretation of a boutique candle, aquatic notes swirled with quince, currants, bamboo and...
Price: $26.50
Fairie Wings Fairie Wings
A delightful composition that opens immediately with whimsical golden musks, hints of sweet woods,...
Price: $33.00
Bellini (Sparkling Mandarin Peach) Bellini (Sparkling Mandarin Peach)
Our sexy interpretation of the famously popular drink from Italy -- peaches, apricots, mandarins,...
Price: $33.00
Carnival Carnival
Festive kettle corn, funnel cake and cotton candy fill the air with the energy of an old fashioned...
Price: $29.00
Sugar Blossom (W) |Type*| Sugar Blossom (W) |Type*|

Top - Bergamot, Lemon, Lemon verbena, Grapefruit and Basil
middle - Jasmine,...
Price: $19.55
Peach Delight Peach Delight
Plump juicy peaches, apricots and sweet strawberry.
Price: $30.00
Mango Delight Mango Delight
Mangoes with hints of apricots, kumquats, nectarines, guava and bananas for a tropical treat.
Price: $26.00
Herbal Collection: Citrus Zest Herbal Collection: Citrus Zest
The zesty scents of limes, lemons, oranges in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $21.65
Herbal Collection: Hibiscus Tea Herbal Collection: Hibiscus Tea
Eastern teas, hibiscus sweetened with pomegranate in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $30.99
Herbal Collection: Spiced Chocolate Herbal Collection: Spiced Chocolate
Chocolate, creamy amber and bay rum spices in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $35.00
Herbal Collection: Lemongrass & Clove Herbal Collection: Lemongrass & Clove
Lemon, cloves, nutmeg and lavenders in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $21.55
Herbal Collection: Sage & Cinnamon Herbal Collection: Sage & Cinnamon
Cinnamon tempered with sage and spices in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $30.00
Herbal Collection: Jasmine & Mimosa Herbal Collection: Jasmine & Mimosa
Jasmine, mimosa with hints of heather in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $20.25
Herbal Collection: Gardenia & Rosemary Herbal Collection: Gardenia & Rosemary
Gardenias and rosemary with a hint of eucalyptus in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $28.00
Herbal Collection: Black Currant & Rose Herbal Collection: Black Currant & Rose
Dark currants and freshly cut roses in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $28.00
Herbal Collection: Vanilla Bean & Fig Herbal Collection: Vanilla Bean & Fig
Vanilla bean, fresh figs, spices including anise in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $22.18
Herbal Collection: Patchouli & Carnation Herbal Collection: Patchouli & Carnation
Patchouli, carnation, cedarwood with hints of black pepper in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $35.00
Herbal Collection: Sandalwood & Teak Herbal Collection: Sandalwood & Teak
Exotic woody notes of sandalwood, bamboo, teak in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $22.95
Herbal Collection: Lavender Leaves Herbal Collection: Lavender Leaves
Lavender leaves and a swirled blend of woods in our original herbal, balsamic base.
Price: $23.10
Christmas Morning Christmas Morning
The morning of the day after always starts with a mix of mystery, exhilaration and anticipation --...
Price: $35.00
Bergamot Citrus (BBW) |Type*| Bergamot Citrus (BBW) |Type*|

Top - Bergamot
Middle - Grapefruit
Base - Lemon accord
Price: $35.00
Blackberried Wine Blackberried Wine
Sweetly elegant, a dark raspberry, blackberry, black currant mix in an seductive vanilla muscadine...
Price: $28.00
Lavender Alii E.O. |Type*| Lavender Alii E.O. |Type*|
An interpretation of the essential oil from the popular lavender fields of Hawaii, a favorite of...
Price: $32.00
Displaying 751 to 800 (of 4290 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  [Next >>] 
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