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New Products

New Products
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Douglas Fir Douglas Fir
The familiar scent of the popular Christmas tree, freshly cut and in your home.
Price: $63.00
Apple Cider YC |Type*| Apple Cider YC |Type*|
Festive spiced red apples, with peel simmering in a warm cinnamon bath.


Price: $20.99
Farmers Market YC |Type*| Farmers Market YC |Type*|
An early morning, autumn stroll through the local farmers market could bring about scents of plump,...
Price: $19.95
Balsam & Cedar YC |Type*| Balsam & Cedar YC |Type*|
A twist on a classic holiday fragrance, cool green firs festively commingled with cedar...
Price: $65.00
Sparkling Cinnamon YC |Type*| Sparkling Cinnamon YC |Type*|
A candy-like red hot cinnamon, but with hints of tart sweetness.

[Type*] - Name...

Price: $19.95
Perfumers Alcohol SDA 40B (4 Gallons) - Hazmat Fee Included Perfumers Alcohol SDA 40B (4 Gallons) - Hazmat Fee Included

A TTB permit is required for the purchase of more than 5 gallons of alcohol in a calendar year....

Price: $185.00
Heat Rush (W) |Type*| Heat Rush (W) |Type*|
Our rendition of the high end pop fragrance. A blend of blood orange, cherry, and passion...
Price: $22.75
Innocence Innocence
A light, youthful white fragrance, quiet florals evoke an innocence that engages. Hints of plums...
Price: $32.00
Cherry Blossom Musk (Zen Musk) Cherry Blossom Musk (Zen Musk)
A delicate, ethereal mix of cherry blossoms, japanese garden florals and delicate, sophisticated...
Price: $20.95
You Go Girl Scented |Type*| You Go Girl Scented |Type*|

Top - Strawberry and Kiwi
Middle - Lily of the Valley, Raspberry and White Chocolate
Price: $35.00
Winter Wonderland Scented |Type*| Winter Wonderland Scented |Type*|

Top - Milk Chocolate and Peppermint
Middle - Sweetmint and Cinnamon Sugar
Base -...
Price: $30.00
White Tea & Cactus Scented |Type*| White Tea & Cactus Scented |Type*|

Top - Black Currant and Grapefruit
Middle - White Tea, Aloe and Cotton Blossom
Price: $23.45
Welcome Home Scented |Type*| Welcome Home Scented |Type*|

Top - Cinnamon, Clove and Firewood
Middle - Chai Tea, Nutmeg and Creme Brulee
Base -...
Price: $18.95
Vixen Vixen
A mind blowing masterpiece from one of our perfumers -- dazzling florals of all varieties are...
Price: $28.00
Violet Sweetwater Violet Sweetwater
Velvety vanilla and violets in a smooth spa-like aquatic base.
Price: $26.00
Vanilla Walnut Scented |Type*| Vanilla Walnut Scented |Type*|
Lightly toasted creamy vanilla tossed with roasted walnut, coconut and a dash of vanilla bean....
Price: $28.00
Vanilla Suede Scented |Type*| Vanilla Suede Scented |Type*|
Airy vanilla and a sweet suede accord, blended in balmy resin base.

[Type*] -...

Price: $37.00
Vanilla Fig & Berries Vanilla Fig & Berries
An upscale boutique fragrance, fig highlight this silky vanilla based concoction with hints of dark...
Price: $20.98
Vanilla Cream Scented |Type*| Vanilla Cream Scented |Type*|
Sweet and warm vanilla with fresh, buttery undertones.

[Type*] - Name trademarks...

Price: $19.50
Twilight Scented |Type*| Twilight Scented |Type*|
Deep, heady flowers in an earthy base.

[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights...

Price: $26.00
Tropical Twist Scented |Type*| Tropical Twist Scented |Type*|
Sweet orange, mangoes and papaya in a sweet sugary base.

[Type*] - Name...

Price: $27.00
Toasted Caramel Sugar Scented |Type*| Toasted Caramel Sugar Scented |Type*|

Top - Caramel and Maple syrup
Middle - Caramel and Toffee
Base - Brown sugar and...
Price: $21.54
Tide |Type*| Tide |Type*|
The popular detergent's classic scent, in all its fresh aldehydic glory!


Price: $26.00
Thunderstorm Scented |Type*| Thunderstorm Scented |Type*|
Fresh ozonic notes, traces of green notes, and sharp jasmine accord make up this modern spring...
Price: $21.05
Sweetwood & Amber Sweetwood & Amber
Subtle floral notes of lavender and awapuhi highlight this sweet woody concoction, tempered with...
Price: $30.99
Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scented |Type*| Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scented |Type*|
A sweet pea floral accord, plumeria blossom and a vanilla sugar drydown.


Price: $29.00
Sunkissed Citrus Scented |Type*| Sunkissed Citrus Scented |Type*|
Bright, invigorating lemons, limes and oranges pack a citrus, mouth-puckering punch in this popular...
Price: $18.95
Sugar Cookie Scented |Type*| Sugar Cookie Scented |Type*|
Sweet buttery sugar cookies in a bottle!

[Type*] - Name trademarks and...

Price: $28.00
Sticky Cinnamon Bun Scented |Type*| Sticky Cinnamon Bun Scented |Type*|

Top - Cinnamon and Praline
Middle - Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Sugar
Base - Vanilla and Sugared...
Price: $18.50
Spiced Grapefruit Scented |Type*| Spiced Grapefruit Scented |Type*|
A Christmas-y fragrance with citrus notes, balsam fir and a bay spice accord.


Price: $20.25
SnozzBerries SnozzBerries

A playful candy-like citrus opening, heart notes of plum and currants, and a soft musky...

Price: $20.30
Snowberry Scented |Type*| Snowberry Scented |Type*|

Top - Apple spice, Mint and Cinnamon
Middle - Red currant, Clove and Orange peel
Base -...
Price: $28.00
Skinny Dippin Scented |Type*| Skinny Dippin Scented |Type*|

Top - Pear, Cantaloupe and Honeydew
Middle - Mango, Pina coloda, and Juniper
Base -...
Price: $25.00
Sione Flower Sione Flower
A unique floral, what can be described as a cross between a lily and cactus flower, with hints of...
Price: $32.00
Silhouette Scented |Type*| Silhouette Scented |Type*|
A sexy, silky fragrance, delicate florals amidst powdery musks with a hints of sugar sweetness for...
Price: $35.00
Rustic Lodge Scented |Type*| Rustic Lodge Scented |Type*|
A woody mix of fall favorites from fall leaves to warm spices, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, to firs,...
Price: $36.00
River Of Honey River Of Honey
A popular golden mix of vanilla, chocolate, amber, nag champa, patchouli -- a decadent fragrance...
Price: $33.00
Reggae Sunset Scented |Type*| Reggae Sunset Scented |Type*|
A clean Bahama-like fragrance, fresh breezes wash over tropical citrus with hints of bay rum and...
Price: $21.95
Radiance Scented |Type*| Radiance Scented |Type*|
A boutique, spa fragrance with clean, crisp notes of citrus in a fruit water...
Price: $22.85
Pumpkin Roll Scented |Type*| Pumpkin Roll Scented |Type*|

[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective...
Price: $26.00
Poinsettia Pine Scented |Type*| Poinsettia Pine Scented |Type*|

[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective...
Price: $26.00
Pima Cotton Scented |Type*| Pima Cotton Scented |Type*|

[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective...
Price: $26.99
Perfectly Pomegranate Scented |Type*| Perfectly Pomegranate Scented |Type*|

[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective...
Price: $28.00
Peligro Scented |Type*| Peligro Scented |Type*|
A daring, dangerous masculine fragrance of spices, chypre, leather, mossy woods.


Price: $35.00
Paradise Punch Scented |Type*| Paradise Punch Scented |Type*|
A tropical melange of island mangoes, wild berries, pineapple and papaya.


Price: $19.15
Oud Black Oud Black
A heavy, incense-y dark mixture that combines champa with earthen notes -- excellent as a blender...
Price: $25.95
Ointment Ointment
An interesting blend reminiscent of old time liniment and ointment. When added to floral blends...
Price: $33.00
Ocean Scented |Type*| Ocean Scented |Type*|
Fresh ozonic notes and a powdery lily accord in an airy musky base.

[Type*] -...

Price: $28.00
Nectarine Nectarine
Sweet, plump and juicy nectarines.
Price: $29.00
My Dear Watson Scented |Type*| My Dear Watson Scented |Type*|
A smart, spicy, yet smooth woody, smokey masculine fragrance.

[Type*] - Name...

Price: $26.95
Displaying 801 to 850 (of 4290 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  [Next >>] 
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