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New Products

New Products
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Deluxe Atomizer Spray Top &  Enclosure - Large C1D Deluxe Atomizer Spray Top & Enclosure - Large C1D

Your choice of Gold or Silver Deluxe Atomizer Spray Top & Enclosure - Large. Fits bottles...
Price: $29.10
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon

Top - Grapefruit, Peach and Clementine
Middle - Cherry Blossom, Plumeria and...
Price: $32.00
Mon Nom Est Rouge (U) |Type*| Mon Nom Est Rouge (U) |Type*|

Top - Lemon, Elemi, Aldehydes and Pink Pepper
Middle - Cardamom, Ginger, Rose, Cumin and...
Price: $38.00
Magnolia Grandiflora Magnolia Grandiflora

Top - Italian Lemon, Apple and Citrus Notes
Middle - Black Tea, Oakmoss and Azalea
Price: $35.00
Marshmallow Rice Treat Marshmallow Rice Treat

Top - Marshmallow and Sugar
Middle - Vanilla and Marzipan
Base - Burnt Sugar,...
Price: $28.00
Be Enchanted (BBW) |Type*| Be Enchanted (BBW) |Type*|

Top - Citrus, Pomegranate, Wildberries and Passionfruit
Middle - Honeysuckle, Floral...
Price: $35.00
V Eros (M) |Type*| V Eros (M) |Type*|

Top - Green Apple, Lemon and Mint
Middle - Ambroxan, Geranium and Tonka
Base -...
Price: $33.00
Princess Night (W) |Type*| Princess Night (W) |Type*|
Top - Watermelon, Raspberry and Red Berries
Middle - Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Rose
Price: $44.00
Purr (W) |Type*| Purr (W) |Type*|
Top - Peach, Apple, Gardenia and Bamboo
Middle - Jasmine, Freesia and Bulgarian Rose
Price: $38.00
Killer Queen (W) |Type*| Killer Queen (W) |Type*|

Top - Wild Berries, Plum and Bergamot
Middle - Jasmine, Celosia and Plumeria
Base -...
Price: $27.75
Windsor (M) |Type*| Windsor (M) |Type*|

Top - Pine and Lime
Middle - Rose and Orange
Base - Eucalyptus and...
Price: $25.10
Russian Leather Russian Leather

Top - Birch Tar
Middle - Industrial Leather
Base - Warm Leather

A fantastic...

Price: $21.95
Coconut & Warm Ginger |Type*| Coconut & Warm Ginger |Type*|

Top - Brown Sugar and Coconut
Middle - Coconut Milk, Ginger and White Amber
Base -...
Price: $32.00
Crisp Coconut Crisp Coconut

Top - Coriander, Tea Tree
Middle - Coconut
Bottom - Coconut Milk, Benzoin
Price: $28.00
Liquid Menthol Liquid Menthol
Menthol is a fantastic additive to bath and body products. Liquid Menthol brings a cooling...
Price: $5.99
Essential Oil Sampler Pack (10 Fragrances) Essential Oil Sampler Pack (10 Fragrances)

A selection of 9 of our high quality natural essential oils. Please note that we cannot ship...
Price: $53.99
Green Musk Green Musk

Top notes - Bergamot, Plum, Berries
Middle - Green Fig, Patchouli and Rose
Price: $21.95
Spearmint Essential Oil (FP 135*F) Spearmint Essential Oil (FP 135*F)

(MENTHA SPCIATA) ITALY - 100% Pure Essential Oil : Flashpoint 135F

Derived from the...

Price: $58.75
Flatulence (Fart) Flatulence (Fart)
A fecal scented cousin to our top selling novelty, Baby Diaper. Use this in your novelty scented...
Price: $24.95
Kelp Nori (Fish Flakes) Kelp Nori (Fish Flakes)
A pungent blend of dried seaweed and kelp. A dead ringer for fish food.
Price: $22.75
Gym Socks Gym Socks
Imagine wearing a pair of socks to the gym for 3 days in a row, not washing them, then going out in...
Price: $23.50
Halitosis (Bad Breath) Halitosis (Bad Breath)
Not for the weak! This is by far our foulest fragrance oil, its dead on bad breath isolated in a...
Price: $22.95
212 Sexy (W) |Type*| 212 Sexy (W) |Type*|

Top - Bergamot and Pink Pepper
Middle - Geranium, Gardenia and Cotton Candy
Base -...
Price: $30.99
Black Tea Cologne Black Tea Cologne
Formerly called "Black Tea".

Top - Fresh Citrus and Green notes
Middle - White...

Price: $20.55
Sparkle Fruit Splash Sparkle Fruit Splash
A melange of succulent fruit laced with sugary sweetness, with top notes that burst with pineapple,...
Price: $23.75
Classic Beauty Cream Scent Classic Beauty Cream Scent
A scent reminiscent of cold cream, from days of yore.

Top - Rose and Peony
Middle - Ylang...

Price: $28.00
Imperial Millesime (U) |Type*| Imperial Millesime (U) |Type*|

Top - Fruity notes and Sea Salt
Middle - Iris, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot
Price: $38.00
Puppy Paws Puppy Paws
Fresh grassy notes and in slightly floral dirt base
Price: $32.00
Rainforest Bloom Rainforest Bloom
Sweet tropical floral notes of plumeria, orchid and lotus, in a deep woody base.
Price: $29.99
Taco Taco
Cheesy ground beef notes with a spicy "south of the border" accord, with crispy corn tortilla...
Price: $21.55
Moss Moss
Like fresh, wet moss pulled from a stone, with a sweet hay-like dry down.
Price: $33.50
Celery Salt Celery Salt
A fragrance oil that captures the true, aromatic spicy scent of celery salt.
Price: $35.00
Blueberry Crush Blueberry Crush

Top - Blueberry and Citrus notes
Middle - Blueberry, Tangerine, Sage and Lavender
Price: $26.00
Jasmine Powder Jasmine Powder

Top - Jasmine and Rose
Middle - Jasmine, Lily, Suede and Vanilla
Base - Amber and Vanilla
Price: $30.00
Spring Path Spring Path
An airy, breezy musk, hints of dry woods, caraway and accented with hints of sweet, pink peppercorn.
Price: $32.00
Promesse (W) |Type*| Promesse (W) |Type*|

Top - Black Currant, Mandarin and Bergamot
Middle - Orchid and Jasmine
Base -...
Price: $24.50
Winter Ocean Winter Ocean
A cool, brisk aquatic fragrance highlighted with fresh cucumber notes, lively juniper and delicate...
Price: $24.99
Feminine (W) |Type*| Feminine (W) |Type*|

Top - Mimosa, Mandarin and Water Lily
Middle - Lily, Heliotrope, Wisteria, Jasmine and...
Price: $26.00
Fire Island  (W) |Type*| Fire Island (W) |Type*|

Top - Cardamom and Ozonic notes
Middle - Neroli and White Musk
Base - Tuberose, Honey and...
Price: $36.00
The Scent of Peace (W) |Type*| The Scent of Peace (W) |Type*|

Top - Black Currant and Grapefruit
Middle - Blueberry and Lily of the Valley
Base - Cedar...
Price: $32.25
JV-Star USA (M) |Type*| JV-Star USA (M) |Type*|
Top - Ginger, Juniper Berries and Ginger
Middle - Spruce, Cardamom and Osmanthus
Base -...
Price: $38.00
Lady Million (W) |Type*| Lady Million (W) |Type*|

Top - Lemon, Raspberry and Neroli
Middle - Gardenia, Orange Flower and Jasmine
Base -...
Price: $24.95
Midnight Plumeria Midnight Plumeria
A beautiful floral blend of honeysuckle, night blooming jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. A...
Price: $35.00
Our Moment (W) |Type*| Our Moment (W) |Type*|

Top - Pink Grapefruit, Forest Fruits and Red Currant
Middle - Freesia, Jasmine and...
Price: $35.00
Violet Lime Violet Lime

Top - Sugar, Lime, Lemon and Aldehydes
Middle - Rose, Violet, Jasmine, Iris and...
Price: $35.00
Violet Cement Violet Cement

Top - Citrus notes, Clove, Grape and Cotton Candy
Middle - Peppermint, Violet, Orris,...
Price: $30.00
DOA Dioctyl Adipate DOA Dioctyl Adipate

Dioctyl Adipate is a great colorless and odorless low viscosity solvent. DOA is used widely in...
Price: $5.56
Honey (W) MJ |Type*| Honey (W) MJ |Type*|

Top - Pear, Mandarin Orange and Fruit Punch
Middle - Honeysuckle, Peach and Orange...
Price: $23.15
Ambre Narguile (U) |Type*| Ambre Narguile (U) |Type*|

Top - Cinnamon and Vanilla
Middle - Labdanum, Caramel, Honey and Orchid
Base - Rum,...
Price: $39.00
Fusion Sacree (M) |Type*| Fusion Sacree (M) |Type*|

Top - Rum, Celery, Sweet Orange and Cardamom
Middle - Coffee, Tuberose, Geranium, Clove...
Price: $40.99
Displaying 251 to 300 (of 4289 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  [Next >>] 
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