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New Products

New Products
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Tuberose Gardenia (W) |Type*| Tuberose Gardenia (W) |Type*|
A stunning SOS interpretation of tuberoses and gardenias and orchids, in a musk...
Price: $33.00
Truth Or Dare (W) |Type*| Truth Or Dare (W) |Type*|

Top - Gardenia, Tuberose and Neroli
Middle - Jasmine, Benzoin and White Lily
Base -...
Price: $17.95
Tobacco Florale Tobacco Florale
A delightfully feminine tobacco floral, with uplifting white flowers, hints of citrus and spice and...
Price: $19.95
Toast (Buttered) Toast (Buttered)
Buttered white bread toast.
Price: $17.95
Toast Toast
White bread toast.
Price: $16.95
Timbuktu (U) |Type*| Timbuktu (U) |Type*|

Top - Cardamom, Mango and Pink Pepper
Middle - Incense, Karo Karounde and Papayrus
Price: $31.00
Tamarind (Candied) Tamarind (Candied)
Just like the candied seed confections from the Philippines or Thailand, sugary, tart, bitter, sour.
Price: $25.00
Sweetgrass Heliotrope Sweetgrass Heliotrope
A creamy, delicate white floral scent with just a touch of sweetgrass for a fresh dusting of...
Price: $36.00
Sun Tan Milk Sun Tan Milk
Creamy, beachy variant of a sun tan scent. Deep white floral notes with a unique "goat milk" accord.
Price: $20.95
Strawberry Jam Toast Strawberry Jam Toast
Buttered toast smothered with strawberry jam.
Price: $18.95
Skin Musk (W) |Type*| Skin Musk (W) |Type*|
A soft musk variant with a tad more florals, jasmine, and rose accents.

Price: $24.50
Shocked (W) |Type*| Shocked (W) |Type*|

Top - Passion Flower, Peony and Poppy
Middle - Jasmine, Narcissus, Blackberry and Dark...
Price: $35.00
Shanghai (W) |Type*| Shanghai (W) |Type*|
Our SOS version of this sure to be classic is dead on -- an oriental chypre with roses, jasmine,...
Price: $23.69
Sexual (W) |Type*| Sexual (W) |Type*|

Top - Clementine, Honeysuckle, Apricot, Osmanthus and Bergamot
Middle - Gardenia, Freesia,...
Price: $21.95
Sassy Attitude Sassy Attitude
Sexy, sassy, fun-loving and flirty mix of white florals, peaches, apricots, delicate, light powdery...
Price: $27.00
Saffron Saffron
Dried and spicy. Great for adding an eastern flair to you mixtures.
Price: $29.50
Rum Walnut Cake Rum Walnut Cake
Sweet, syrupy and delicious.
Price: $24.75
Pomegranate Gin Pomegranate Gin
Sweet and woody composition with a masculine, ritzy liquor feel -- sexy and smooth.
Price: $35.00
Pleasure Sunrise Pleasure Sunrise
Uplifting and ethereal, sunflowers, lilies, daffodils, roses and other white florals are caressed...
Price: $33.00
Pink Blush YC |Type*| Pink Blush YC |Type*|
Innocent, feminine, pretty, delicate -- all describe this shy composition of soft florals and pears...
Price: $29.00
Permanent Marker Permanent Marker
The scent of freshly written words on paper with a black sharp marker.
Price: $22.95
Pear Berry Linen Pear Berry Linen
Pears, strawberries and aldehydes, in a base of powdery musk.
Price: $22.24
Orange Sapphire (BBW) |Type|* Orange Sapphire (BBW) |Type|*

Top - Red Orange, Orange, Sparkling Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Peach
Middle - Jasmine, Orange...
Price: $30.00
Olive Leaves Olive Leaves

Top - Apple, Passion Fruit and Apricot
Middle - Plumeria, Sweet Pea and Mango Flower
Price: $29.00
Nicole (W) |Type*| Nicole (W) |Type*|

Top - Blackberry and Orange
Middle - Rose, Lily of the valley, Papyrus and Amber
Price: $32.00
Narceso Rodriquez (W) |Type*| Narceso Rodriquez (W) |Type*|

Top - Osmanthus, Orange Flower and Bergamot
Middle - Musk, Rose and Amber
Base -...
Price: $36.00
Nail Polish (Enamel) Remover Nail Polish (Enamel) Remover
That unmistakable scent of enamel remover.
Price: $20.95
Mustela Mustela
From the customer request service comes this interesting and grown-up fragrance for women, boutique...
Price: $29.00
Keels Musk (U) |Type*| Keels Musk (U) |Type*|
Our interpretation of the underground boutique musk favorite for decades, is chypre, oriental,...
Price: $35.00
Mushroom (Raw) Mushroom (Raw)
Freshly picked mushroom.
Price: $30.00
Mud Mud
Wet dirt, moist and cool.
Price: $22.95
Moon Kiss Moon Kiss
During a romantic kiss on a balmy evening, in the garden among sleeping plums, currants and figs --...
Price: $22.95
Monoi Monoi
The well known fragrance in Polynesia, star tiare and gardenia, with jasmine and water lily to...
Price: $30.00
Mitsouko (W) |Type*| Mitsouko (W) |Type*|

Top - Citruses, Jasmine, Bergamot and Rose
Middle - Lilac, Peach, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang...
Price: $38.00
Merlins Magic Staff Merlins Magic Staff
Masculine and lightly powdered scent with herbal woods -- vintage type fragrance with a smooth...
Price: $23.85
Merlins Magic Dust Merlins Magic Dust
As the wizard casts his spells, a trailing powdery, effervescent scent appears and lingers...
Price: $31.00
Marrakesh Marrakesh
As if in a sultry night in Morocco, this fragrance introduces you to the intoxicating woods and...
Price: $36.00
Mad Love Mad Love
Fresh, fresh, hip and young, bold and energetic, feminine in its composition, but subtle nuances of...
Price: $33.00
Luna Rossa (M) |Type*| Luna Rossa (M) |Type*|

Top - Lavender and Bitter Orange
Middle - Clary Sage and Spearmint
Base - Musk...
Price: $38.00
Lotus Cream Lotus Cream
Creamy florals of gardenia, tuberose accent the highlighted lotus, bringing forth a beautiful,...
Price: $31.00
Lilac Musk Lilac Musk
A customer requested variant of a complex lilac, with pansies, jasmine and gardenia accents amidst...
Price: $28.00
Key Note: Wax Key Note: Wax
Flat, waxy essence used in blends to impart a glossy, modern synthetic twist.
Price: $36.00
Key Note: Musty Key Note: Musty
A musty, heavy note that doesn't overwhelm, but simply accents, and adds depth in a unisexy...
Price: $24.75
Jimmy Chu (W) |Type*| Jimmy Chu (W) |Type*|

Top - Pear and Mandarin Orange
Middle - Green notes and Orchid
Base - Toffee and...
Price: $27.00
Japan Japan
Airy jasmines and white flowers with a simply seductive white musk base -- very delicate, yet...
Price: $24.00
Ice (M) |Type*| Ice (M) |Type*|
Masculine, fresh and brisk -- for the active, outdoorsy, adventurous male, all aquatics with light...
Price: $32.00
Helio Grace Helio Grace
Uplifting fragrance with light creamy florals and musks.
Price: $36.00
Green Tea & Hyacinth Green Tea & Hyacinth
The crisp edge of green tea is highlighted with the green spiciness of hyacinth for a surprisingly...
Price: $22.85
Green Goddess Green Goddess
Ethereal mix of white flowers.
Price: $19.75
Grape Lip Smackers |Type*| Grape Lip Smackers |Type*|
Mouthwatering grape fragrance with a candied, sugared, carnauba feel.

Price: $21.50
Displaying 351 to 400 (of 4290 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  [Next >>] 
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