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Silkbase Compatible Fragrance Oils

Silkbase Compatible Fragrance Oils
These fragrances have been tested for mixing with our Silkbase to provide a clear end-product. Click on fragrance name to view smaller sizes and please refer to the specification chart for the appropriate grade or concentration.
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212 (W) |Type*|212 (W) |Type*|  $25.95
3 AM (M) |Type*|3 AM (M) |Type*|  $38.00
AbsintheAbsinthe  $35.00
AcaiAcai  $21.00
Acai & MangosteenAcai & Mangosteen  $28.00
Acqua e Zucherro (U) |Type*|Acqua e Zucherro (U) |Type*|  $22.85
African MuskAfrican Musk  $29.00
Agree Soap |Type*|Agree Soap |Type*|  $22.00
All About Eave (W) |Type*|All About Eave (W) |Type*|  $31.00
Aloe RainAloe Rain  $30.00
Aloe VeraAloe Vera  $25.00
AlohaAloha  $28.00
Alphred S (W) |Type*|Alphred S (W) |Type*|  $22.95
Amber Jasmine PhantasyAmber Jasmine Phantasy  $40.00
Ambre Narguile (U) |Type*|Ambre Narguile (U) |Type*|  $39.00
Ambre Russe (U) |Type*|Ambre Russe (U) |Type*|  $35.00
Amirage (W) |Type*|Amirage (W) |Type*|  $38.00
Angel (M) |Type*|Angel (M) |Type*|  $42.00
Angel (W) |Type*|Angel (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Angel WingsAngel Wings  $30.00
AngelicaAngelica  $35.00
Anias Anias (W) |Type*|Anias Anias (W) |Type*|  $48.00
AniseAnise  $35.00
AnomalyAnomaly  $22.40
Antique OakwoodAntique Oakwood  $35.00
Antonia Flowers (W) |Type*|Antonia Flowers (W) |Type*|  $33.00
AppleApple  $25.00
Apple (Fresh Sliced)Apple (Fresh Sliced)  $28.00
Apple (Mcintosh)Apple (Mcintosh)  $26.00
Apple Hard Candy |Type*|Apple Hard Candy |Type*|  $28.00
Apple MangoApple Mango  $30.00
Apple SpiceApple Spice  $18.75
ApricotApricot  $33.00
Apricot & Honey YC |Type*|Apricot & Honey YC |Type*|  $33.00
Apricot SlicesApricot Slices  $26.00
Aqua Di Geo (M) |Type*|Aqua Di Geo (M) |Type*|  $46.00
Aqua Di Geo (W) |Type*|Aqua Di Geo (W) |Type*|  $40.00
Aqua VerbenaAqua Verbena  $35.00
Armany (M) |Type*|Armany (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Aromatonic (W) |Type*|Aromatonic (W) |Type*|  $45.00
Asian BloomAsian Bloom  $40.00
Asian DreamAsian Dream  $30.00
Asian White Tea (U) Bodyshop |Type*|Asian White Tea (U) Bodyshop |Type*|  $30.00
Athena (The Goddess)Athena (The Goddess)  $30.99
Au Chocolat DverteAu Chocolat Dverte  $28.00
Au the Rouge (U) |Type*|Au the Rouge (U) |Type*|  $32.00
Aventus (M) |Type*|Aventus (M) |Type*|  $30.00
Aventus (W) |Type*|Aventus (W) |Type*|  $37.00
B Sherman (M) |Type*|B Sherman (M) |Type*|  $36.00
Baby BreathBaby Breath  $28.00
Baby GracesBaby Graces  $29.00
BaconBacon  $32.00
Balsam Fir YC |Type*|Balsam Fir YC |Type*|  $72.00
BananaBanana  $25.00
Banana R Classic (U) |Type*|Banana R Classic (U) |Type*|  $35.00
Barbeque (BBQ)Barbeque (BBQ)  $28.00
BasilBasil  $50.00
Be Delicious (W) |Type*|Be Delicious (W) |Type*|  $31.23
Be Seduced (W) V-S |Type*|Be Seduced (W) V-S |Type*|  $22.58
Beach (W) |Type*|Beach (W) |Type*|  $29.00
BergamotBergamot  $32.00
Bergamot & MandarinBergamot & Mandarin  $17.95
Bergamot MintBergamot Mint  $35.00
Berries & CreamBerries & Cream  $28.00
Beyond Paradise (M) |Type*|Beyond Paradise (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Big Pony #1 (M) |Type*|Big Pony #1 (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Bijhan (W) |Type*|Bijhan (W) |Type*|  $45.00
Black (M) |Type*|Black (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Black Cashmere (W) |Type*|Black Cashmere (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Black Cherry CreamBlack Cherry Cream  $26.00
Black LoveBlack Love  $28.82
Black Pepper Molton B |Type*|Black Pepper Molton B |Type*|  $35.00
BlackberryBlackberry  $17.75
Blackberry CabernetBlackberry Cabernet  $18.25
Blackberry MuskBlackberry Musk  $20.50
Blooming JasmineBlooming Jasmine  $30.00
Blue (W) |Type*|Blue (W) |Type*|  $51.00
Blue GardeniaBlue Gardenia  $21.00
Blue Jeans (M) |Type*|Blue Jeans (M) |Type*|  $52.00
Blue Raspberry Hard Candy |Type*|Blue Raspberry Hard Candy |Type*|  $25.00
Blueberry PancakesBlueberry Pancakes  $28.00
Body (W) V-S |Type*|Body (W) V-S |Type*|  $22.58
Bonbon DverteBonbon Dverte  $32.00
Bora Bora (W) |Type*|Bora Bora (W) |Type*|  $41.00
Boss (M) |Type*|Boss (M) |Type*|  $39.99
Boucheron (M) |Type*|Boucheron (M) |Type*|  $41.00
Breathless (W) V-S |Type*|Breathless (W) V-S |Type*|  $53.00
Brit (M) |Type*|Brit (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Brit (W) |Type*|Brit (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Brown SugarBrown Sugar  $26.00
Bubble BathBubble Bath  $25.00
BuccaneerBuccaneer  $40.00
Butt NakedButt Naked  $30.00
Butter CookieButter Cookie  $25.00
Buttered PopcornButtered Popcorn  $28.00
ButterscotchButterscotch  $31.00
Butterscotch SyrupButterscotch Syrup  $17.17
Bvlgari (U) (Bulgari Au Verte) |Type*|Bvlgari (U) (Bulgari Au Verte) |Type*|  $35.00
C-K1 (Unisex) |Type*|C-K1 (Unisex) |Type*|  $35.00
C-K1 Summer (U) |Type*|C-K1 Summer (U) |Type*|  $20.41
C-KB (U) |Type*|C-KB (U) |Type*|  $35.00
Cactus FlowerCactus Flower  $31.00
Calalily (Hawaiian)Calalily (Hawaiian)  $25.25
Camay Soap |Type*|Camay Soap |Type*|  $45.00
CamelliaCamellia  $32.00
Candy CaneCandy Cane  $35.00
Cannabis Santal (M) |Type*|Cannabis Santal (M) |Type*|  $40.99
Cannabis/PotCannabis/Pot  $25.00
Canoe (M) |Type*|Canoe (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Caramel AppleCaramel Apple  $30.00
Caramel PopcornCaramel Popcorn  $19.92
Cardamom MossCardamom Moss  $40.00
Caribbean Salsa (BBW) |Type*|Caribbean Salsa (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
CarnationCarnation  $40.00
Cashmere BloomCashmere Bloom  $35.00
Cashmere Mist (W) |Type*|Cashmere Mist (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Casmyr (W) |Type*|Casmyr (W) |Type*|  $50.30
Casual (W) |Type*|Casual (W) |Type*|  $27.95
CedarwoodCedarwood  $50.00
Celery SaltCelery Salt  $42.00
ChamomileChamomile  $30.00
Chamomile TeaChamomile Tea  $30.00
Channel: 22v (W)Channel: 22v (W)  $27.99
Channel: Artemis (M)Channel: Artemis (M)  $36.00
Channel: Bellona (W)Channel: Bellona (W)  $25.10
Channel: Caenis (W)Channel: Caenis (W)  $31.00
Channel: Tyche (W)Channel: Tyche (W)  $31.00
Chaos (W) |Type*|Chaos (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Cheese PopcornCheese Popcorn  $23.00
Chemical AromaChemical Aroma  $38.00
CherryCherry  $15.99
Cherry Blossom YC |Type*|Cherry Blossom YC |Type*|  $26.00
Cherry Hard Candy |Type*|Cherry Hard Candy |Type*|  $30.00
Cherry OrangeCherry Orange  $13.76
Cherry PineappleCherry Pineapple  $13.76
Cherry SpiceCherry Spice  $15.95
Cherry VanillaCherry Vanilla  $25.00
Chestnut Brown SugarChestnut Brown Sugar  $28.00
China LilyChina Lily  $30.00
China MuskChina Musk  $30.00
China RainChina Rain  $22.00
Chinese Parsley MuskChinese Parsley Musk  $32.00
Chocolate DecadenceChocolate Decadence  $21.00
Christmas DayChristmas Day  $32.00
Christmas DreamsChristmas Dreams  $30.00
Christmas Eve YC |Type*|Christmas Eve YC |Type*|  $40.00
Christmas MantleChristmas Mantle  $30.00
Christmas PineChristmas Pine  $19.95
Christmas Wreath YC |Type*|Christmas Wreath YC |Type*|  $33.00
Chrome (M) |Type*|Chrome (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Cinnamon ChurroCinnamon Churro  $27.55
Cirque DverteCirque Dverte  $30.00
Citron FougereCitron Fougere  $30.00
Citron SageCitron Sage  $30.00
CitrusCitrus  $19.33
Citrus & ChampagneCitrus & Champagne  $39.99
Citrus & FigCitrus & Fig  $33.00
Citrus BasilCitrus Basil  $32.00
Citrus BerryCitrus Berry  $25.00
Citrus BlossomCitrus Blossom  $32.00
Citrus CreamCitrus Cream   $18.25
Citrus DelightCitrus Delight  $17.17
Citrus SpiceCitrus Spice  $17.75
Citrus SplashCitrus Splash  $19.38
Citrus WoodCitrus Wood  $32.00
Claire B |Type*|Claire B |Type*|  $31.99
Clean Cotton YC |Type*|Clean Cotton YC |Type*|  $29.00
CleopatraCleopatra  $28.00
Cloie (W) |Type*|Cloie (W) |Type*|  $38.00
Clove Lavender PhantasyClove Lavender Phantasy  $35.00
Clove Patchouli PhantasyClove Patchouli Phantasy  $35.00
Clove Rosemary PhantasyClove Rosemary Phantasy  $38.00
Coast Soap |Type*|Coast Soap |Type*|  $22.00
Coco Spice CocoShea |Type*|Coco Spice CocoShea |Type*|  $28.00
Coco-MangoCoco-Mango  $30.00
Coco-Mango (V. 2004)Coco-Mango (V. 2004)  $22.00
CocoFlower CocoShea |Type*|CocoFlower CocoShea |Type*|  $32.00
CocoMilk CocoShea |Type*|CocoMilk CocoShea |Type*|  $28.00
CocoMusk CocoShea |Type*|CocoMusk CocoShea |Type*|  $28.00
CocoRain CocoShea |Type*|CocoRain CocoShea |Type*|  $32.00
CocoVanilla CocoShea |Type*|CocoVanilla CocoShea |Type*|  $28.00
ColaCola  $34.00
Cold Water (M) |Type*|Cold Water (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Contradixion (W) |Type*|Contradixion (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Cool Citrus Basil (BBW) |Type*|Cool Citrus Basil (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Coste Hotel (U) |Type*|Coste Hotel (U) |Type*|  $35.00
Country AmberCountry Amber  $40.50
Country Apple (BBW) |Type*|Country Apple (BBW) |Type*|  $21.25
Country Chic (BBW) |Type*|Country Chic (BBW) |Type*|  $22.95
Country ChristmasCountry Christmas  $28.00
Country Clothes Line YC |Type*|Country Clothes Line YC |Type*|  $35.00
Cranberry CitrusCranberry Citrus  $30.00
Craved (M) |Type*|Craved (M) |Type*|  $19.41
Crisp CoconutCrisp Coconut  $28.00
Cucumber and Cantaloupe YC |Type*|Cucumber and Cantaloupe YC |Type*|  $35.00
Cucumber Melon (BBW) |Type*|Cucumber Melon (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Curious (W) |Type*|Curious (W) |Type*|  $40.00
CypressCypress  $65.00
Dazzling Gold (W) |Type*|Dazzling Gold (W) |Type*|  $40.00
Debauche DverteDebauche Dverte  $21.95
Deep Red (W) |Type*|Deep Red (W) |Type*|  $38.00
Deeper (M) |Type*|Deeper (M) |Type*|  $33.00
Dove Soap |Type*|Dove Soap |Type*|  $22.00
Downey April Fresh |Type*|Downey April Fresh |Type*|  $33.00
Dragon Cloud IIDragon Cloud II  $30.00
Dreams (W) |Type*|Dreams (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Dried BirchDried Birch  $38.00
Earth Gap |Type*|Earth Gap |Type*|  $38.00
Edition (M) |Type*|Edition (M) |Type*|  $44.00
Egyptian AmberEgyptian Amber  $28.00
Egyptian MuskEgyptian Musk  $30.00
Egyptian Musk ClassicEgyptian Musk Classic  $19.33
Ellen T (W) |Type*|Ellen T (W) |Type*|  $43.00
EmpressEmpress  $35.00
EmpyrealEmpyreal  $35.00
Endless Love (W) V-S |Type*|Endless Love (W) V-S |Type*|  $30.00
Energizing Power Helena R  |Type*|Energizing Power Helena R |Type*|  $20.15
English Leather (M) |Type*|English Leather (M) |Type*|  $39.00
Envy (W) |Type*|Envy (W) |Type*|  $38.00
Envy Me (W) |Type*|Envy Me (W) |Type*|  $35.00
EquilibriumEquilibrium  $39.00
Escaped (M) |Type*|Escaped (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Escaped (W) |Type*|Escaped (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Eternally (M) |Type*|Eternally (M) |Type*|  $39.99
Eternally (W) |Type*|Eternally (W) |Type*|  $36.00
EucalyptusEucalyptus  $36.00
Eucalyptus & Spearmint (BBW) |Type*|Eucalyptus & Spearmint (BBW) |Type*|  $37.00
Eucalyptus (Dried)Eucalyptus (Dried)  $32.00
Euphoric (W) |Type*|Euphoric (W) |Type*|  $35.00
EvergreenEvergreen  $45.00
Exotic Bodyshop |Type*|Exotic Bodyshop |Type*|  $35.00
Exotic Dew BreezeExotic Dew Breeze  $30.00
Exotic MuskExotic Musk  $31.00
Exotic PeachExotic Peach  $28.00
Exotic SeabreezeExotic Seabreeze  $32.00
Fahrenheit (M) |Type*|Fahrenheit (M) |Type*|  $41.00
FallenFallen  $31.00
Fantasy (W) |Type*|Fantasy (W) |Type*|  $35.00
FCUK Him (M) |Type*|FCUK Him (M) |Type*|  $25.90
Fell In LoveFell In Love  $18.25
Fendy (W) |Type*|Fendy (W) |Type*|  $20.41
Feng Shui EarthFeng Shui Earth  $35.00
Feng Shui FireFeng Shui Fire  $20.45
Feng Shui MetalFeng Shui Metal  $30.00
Feng Shui WaterFeng Shui Water  $30.99
Feng Shui WoodFeng Shui Wood  $42.00
Fifth Avenue (W) |Type*|Fifth Avenue (W) |Type*|  $20.41
FigFig  $31.00
Fig Tea & CucumberFig Tea & Cucumber  $32.00
Fiji (W) |Type*|Fiji (W) |Type*|  $39.00
FlanFlan  $28.00
Fleur De Champs DverteFleur De Champs Dverte  $35.00
Floral BouquetFloral Bouquet  $30.00
Floral DelightFloral Delight  $30.00
Florida PineFlorida Pine  $28.00
Florida Water (M) |Type*|Florida Water (M) |Type*|  $40.00
Flower BedFlower Bed  $30.00
Flower ChildFlower Child  $35.00
Flower GardenFlower Garden  $30.00
Forest DelightForest Delight  $35.00
Forest Fresh PineForest Fresh Pine  $30.00
Forest MistForest Mist  $32.00
Forest MountainForest Mountain  $30.00
Forever Blushing (W) V-S |Type*|Forever Blushing (W) V-S |Type*|  $29.95
Forever PineForever Pine  $50.00
Forever Pink (W) V-S |Type*|Forever Pink (W) V-S |Type*|  $35.00
Forever Romance (W) V-S |Type*|Forever Romance (W) V-S |Type*|  $45.00
Fraicheur Menthe (M) |Type*|Fraicheur Menthe (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Frangipani (Fresh Picked)Frangipani (Fresh Picked)  $30.00
Frangipani SweetFrangipani Sweet  $35.00
Frankincense Orange Blossom PhantasyFrankincense Orange Blossom Phantasy  $32.00
Frankincense Patchouli PhantasyFrankincense Patchouli Phantasy  $32.00
Frankincense Sandalwood PhantasyFrankincense Sandalwood Phantasy  $32.00
Freedom (W) |Type*|Freedom (W) |Type*|  $38.00
Freesia (BBW) |Type*|Freesia (BBW) |Type*|  $32.00
Fresh Cut Roses YC |Type*|Fresh Cut Roses YC |Type*|  $35.00
Fresh Cut Tuberose Trap |Type*|Fresh Cut Tuberose Trap |Type*|  $38.00
Fresh LinenFresh Linen  $35.00
Fresh Peach YC |Type*|Fresh Peach YC |Type*|  $24.00
Frida Labdanum |Type*|Frida Labdanum |Type*|  $55.00
Fritos |Type*|Fritos |Type*|  $32.00
Fruit CocktailFruit Cocktail  $25.00
Fruit Punch Hard Candy |Type*|Fruit Punch Hard Candy |Type*|  $30.00
Garden MintGarden Mint  $19.33
GingerGinger  $30.00
Ginger AleGinger Ale  $31.00
Ginger SorbetGinger Sorbet  $30.00
Gingerbread Spice (BBW) |Type*|Gingerbread Spice (BBW) |Type*|  $18.25
Girlfriend (W) |Type*|Girlfriend (W) |Type*|  $29.99
Girls Nature (W) |Type*|Girls Nature (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Givency (M) |Type*|Givency (M) |Type*|  $22.58
Goddess MuskGoddess Musk  $38.00
Gold Rose (W) |Type*|Gold Rose (W) |Type*|  $27.95
Golden Sand (U) |Type*|Golden Sand (U) |Type*|  $48.00
Good Lives (W) |Type*|Good Lives (W) |Type*|  $37.00
GrapeGrape  $25.00
Grape Hard Candy |Type*|Grape Hard Candy |Type*|  $30.00
Grape JellyGrape Jelly  $28.00
Grapefruit & Lemongrass Energizer Dove |Type*|Grapefruit & Lemongrass Energizer Dove |Type*|  $35.00
Grapefruit & RosemaryGrapefruit & Rosemary  $22.55
Grapefruit EssenceGrapefruit Essence  $32.00
Grapefruit SupremeGrapefruit Supreme  $29.00
Green AppleGreen Apple  $23.00
Green Leaf & BambooGreen Leaf & Bamboo  $42.00
Green MuskGreen Musk  $28.00
Green TeaGreen Tea  $26.00
Green Tea & CucumberGreen Tea & Cucumber  $30.00
Green Tea & Cucumber (BBW) |Type*|Green Tea & Cucumber (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Green Tea & JasmineGreen Tea & Jasmine  $14.95
Green Tea & SageGreen Tea & Sage  $32.00
Green Tea (W) |Type*|Green Tea (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Green Tea ChaiGreen Tea Chai  $30.00
Green WoodsGreen Woods  $33.29
Guava FruitGuava Fruit  $22.00
Halo (W) V-S |Type*|Halo (W) V-S |Type*|  $44.00
Halsten (W) |Type*|Halsten (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Happy (M) |Type*|Happy (M) |Type*|  $33.00
Happy (W) |Type*|Happy (W) |Type*|  $37.00
Harbor MistHarbor Mist  $28.00
Hard Candy |Type*|Hard Candy |Type*|  $26.41
Haunted HouseHaunted House  $28.00
Hawaiian Ginger (Mist)Hawaiian Ginger (Mist)  $32.00
Hawaiian LeiHawaiian Lei  $28.00
Hawaiian MistHawaiian Mist  $32.00
Hawaiian MountainsideHawaiian Mountainside  $33.00
Hawaiian PunchHawaiian Punch  $30.00
HE (M) |Type*|HE (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Heartbreaker (W) V-S |Type*|Heartbreaker (W) V-S |Type*|  $25.95
HeatherHeather  $58.00
Heather FieldsHeather Fields  $40.00
Heaven (W) |Type*|Heaven (W) |Type*|  $26.00
Heavenly (W) V-S |Type*|Heavenly (W) V-S |Type*|  $34.00
Hemoglobin (Blood Scent)Hemoglobin (Blood Scent)  $30.00
Herbal DelightHerbal Delight  $30.00
Herbal Escence |Type*|Herbal Escence |Type*|  $33.00
Herera (M) |Type*|Herera (M) |Type*|  $57.50
Herera (W) |Type*|Herera (W) |Type*|  $62.00
Hesperides (U) Fresh |Type*|Hesperides (U) Fresh |Type*|  $32.00
HibiscusHibiscus  $32.00
Holiday PineHoliday Pine  $28.00
HollyberryHollyberry  $60.00
Hollyberry SpiceHollyberry Spice  $22.58
Home For The Holidays YC |Type*|Home For The Holidays YC |Type*|  $30.00
Honey (W) MJ |Type*|Honey (W) MJ |Type*|  $35.00
Honeyed SageHoneyed Sage  $35.00
HoneysuckleHoneysuckle  $30.00
Honeysuckle (Japanese)Honeysuckle (Japanese)  $16.09
Honeysuckle RoseHoneysuckle Rose  $30.00
Hot Couture (W) |Type*|Hot Couture (W) |Type*|  $21.50
Hot NightHot Night  $22.58
Hot RoseHot Rose  $30.00
House PlantHouse Plant  $28.00
Hugo (W) |Type*|Hugo (W) |Type*|  $28.41
Hummer (M) |Type*|Hummer (M) |Type*|  $23.66
I Love Love (W) |Type*|I Love Love (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Ibiza Hippie (W) |Type*|Ibiza Hippie (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Iceberg (M) |Type*|Iceberg (M) |Type*|  $50.00
Image (M) |Type*|Image (M) |Type*|  $32.00
Imperial Millesime (U) |Type*|Imperial Millesime (U) |Type*|  $38.00
India MuskIndia Musk  $38.00
Indian LuckIndian Luck  $30.00
Indian RainIndian Rain  $35.00
Indonesian CoffeeIndonesian Coffee  $30.00
Intense (M) |Type*|Intense (M) |Type*|  $32.39
Irish Spring |Type*|Irish Spring |Type*|  $32.00
Island Kiss (W) |Type*|Island Kiss (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Island Kola NutIsland Kola Nut  $35.00
Island Mango YC |Type*|Island Mango YC |Type*|  $36.00
Italian FreesiaItalian Freesia  $30.00
Ivory Soap |Type*|Ivory Soap |Type*|  $37.00
JAdore (W) |Type*|JAdore (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Jamaican FruitJamaican Fruit  $35.00
Jamaican Me CrazyJamaican Me Crazy  $28.00
JambaJamba  $28.00
Japanese StoneJapanese Stone  $29.45
JasmineJasmine  $19.00
Jasmine & Milk ThistleJasmine & Milk Thistle  $35.00
Jasmine & MimosaJasmine & Mimosa  $28.00
Jasmine PowderJasmine Powder  $30.00
Jasmine RomanceJasmine Romance  $30.00
Jasmine Vanilla (BBW) |Type*|Jasmine Vanilla (BBW) |Type*|  $29.00
Jean Paul G (JPG) (M) |Type*|Jean Paul G (JPG) (M) |Type*|  $36.00
JordanJordan  $25.00
Jose Lime Margarita |Type*|Jose Lime Margarita |Type*|  $46.00
Joup (W) |Type*|Joup (W) |Type*|  $20.50
Jungle (M) |Type*|Jungle (M) |Type*|  $38.00
JuniperJuniper  $32.99
Juniper BlueJuniper Blue  $16.09
Juniper Mist (Juniper Breeze)Juniper Mist (Juniper Breeze)  $32.00
JV-Star USA (M) |Type*|JV-Star USA (M) |Type*|  $38.00
Keels Coriander (U) |Type*|Keels Coriander (U) |Type*|  $38.00
Keels Pour Homme (M) |Type*|Keels Pour Homme (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Key Lime PieKey Lime Pie  $18.25
Key Note: Artemisia (Wormwood)Key Note: Artemisia (Wormwood)  $41.00
Key Note: CardamomKey Note: Cardamom  $75.00
Key Note: Floral AldehydeKey Note: Floral Aldehyde  $26.00
Key Note: GalbanumKey Note: Galbanum  $59.00
Key Note: Guaiac WoodKey Note: Guaiac Wood  $83.00
Key Note: PimentoKey Note: Pimento  $75.00
Key Note: Pink PeppercornKey Note: Pink Peppercorn  $57.00
Key Note: Sparkling AldehydeKey Note: Sparkling Aldehyde  $36.00
Key Note: ThymeKey Note: Thyme  $38.00
Key Note: Tonka BeanKey Note: Tonka Bean  $65.00
KIL (W) |Type*|KIL (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Kim K (W) |Type*|Kim K (W) |Type*|  $20.43
Kim K Gold (W) |Type*|Kim K Gold (W) |Type*|  $25.00
Kiwi (Sweet)Kiwi (Sweet)  $25.00
Kiwi MangoKiwi Mango  $18.50
Kiwi MelonKiwi Melon  $26.00
Kokorico (M) |Type*|Kokorico (M) |Type*|  $33.95
Kouros (M) |Type*|Kouros (M) |Type*|  $50.00
Lagenfield (M) |Type*|Lagenfield (M) |Type*|  $38.00
Laila (W) |Type*|Laila (W) |Type*|  $35.50
LAir Du Temps (W) |Type*|LAir Du Temps (W) |Type*|  $39.00
Laundry FreshLaundry Fresh  $32.00
Lauren (W) |Type*|Lauren (W) |Type*|  $54.00
Lavender ClassicLavender Classic  $40.00
Lavender MuskLavender Musk  $23.15
Lavender RainLavender Rain  $35.00
Lavender RoseLavender Rose  $32.00
Lavender SupremeLavender Supreme  $20.01
Lavender Vanilla (BBW) |Type*|Lavender Vanilla (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Leap (M) |Type*|Leap (M) |Type*|  $35.00
LeatherLeather  $31.00
Leau Bleu DIssy (M) |Type*|Leau Bleu DIssy (M) |Type*|  $48.00
Leau DIssy (M) |Type*|Leau DIssy (M) |Type*|  $41.00
Leau DIssy (W) |Type*|Leau DIssy (W) |Type*|  $36.00
LemonLemon  $26.00
Lemon Chiffon YC |Type*|Lemon Chiffon YC |Type*|  $38.00
Lemon DreamLemon Dream  $26.95
Lemon DropsLemon Drops  $30.00
Lemon GingerLemon Ginger  $30.00
Lemon Hard Candy |Type*|Lemon Hard Candy |Type*|  $18.25
Lemon LimeLemon Lime  $14.95
Lemon MangoLemon Mango  $31.00
Lemon TeaLemon Tea  $30.00
Lemon VerbenaLemon Verbena  $18.75
Lemon Zest YC |Type*|Lemon Zest YC |Type*|  $32.00
Lemongrass SageLemongrass Sage  $32.00
Lemongrass Sage (BBW) |Type*|Lemongrass Sage (BBW) |Type*|  $38.00
Lemongrass SupremeLemongrass Supreme  $26.00
Lick Me All OverLick Me All Over  $29.00
LicoriceLicorice  $25.00
Light Blue (W) |Type*|Light Blue (W) |Type*|  $39.00
LimeLime  $30.00
Lime CilantroLime Cilantro  $45.00
Live (W) |Type*|Live (W) |Type*|  $23.00
Lizz C (W) |Type*|Lizz C (W) |Type*|  $27.95
Lolita L (W) |Type*|Lolita L (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Lolla (W) |Type*|Lolla (W) |Type*|  $36.00
London (M) |Type*|London (M) |Type*|  $39.00
London (W) |Type*|London (W) |Type*|  $26.50
Lotus FlowerLotus Flower  $33.00
Love Spell (W) V-S |Type*|Love Spell (W) V-S |Type*|  $35.00
LovelyLovely  $35.00
Lovely (W) |Type*|Lovely (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Lucky You (M) |Type*|Lucky You (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Lychee FruitLychee Fruit  $21.00
M7 (M) |Type*|M7 (M) |Type*|  $38.00
Magnetism (W) |Type*|Magnetism (W) |Type*|  $43.00
Magno (M) |Type*|Magno (M) |Type*|  $40.00
MagnoliaMagnolia  $40.00
Maile Vine (Lei)Maile Vine (Lei)  $30.00
Make Me Pink (W) V-S |Type*|Make Me Pink (W) V-S |Type*|  $42.00
Mambo (M) |Type*|Mambo (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Mambo (W) |Type*|Mambo (W) |Type*|  $40.00
MandarinMandarin  $29.00
Mandarin PeelMandarin Peel   $18.25
MangoMango  $32.00
Mango (Sweet)Mango (Sweet)  $32.00
Mango FiestaMango Fiesta  $26.00
Mango Mandarin (BBW) |Type*|Mango Mandarin (BBW) |Type*|  $29.00
Mark J (W) |Type*|Mark J (W) |Type*|  $23.66
Maybe Baby (W) |Type*|Maybe Baby (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Meditation ExoticaMeditation Exotica  $32.00
Meditation HaikuMeditation Haiku  $35.00
Meditation KarmaMeditation Karma  $35.00
Meditation Soft SpiritMeditation Soft Spirit  $23.00
Melon BriskMelon Brisk  $30.00
Miami Glow (W) |Type*|Miami Glow (W) |Type*|  $20.41
Michael K (M) |Type*|Michael K (M) |Type*|  $27.78
Michael K (W) |Type*|Michael K (W) |Type*|  $29.07
Midnight PlumeriaMidnight Plumeria  $35.00
Midnight Poison (W) |Type*|Midnight Poison (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Midnight RoseMidnight Rose  $14.93
Midnight VanillaMidnight Vanilla  $28.00
Midsummers Night YC |Type*|Midsummers Night YC |Type*|  $28.90
Minty PatchouliMinty Patchouli  $36.00
Miracle (W) |Type*|Miracle (W) |Type*|  $33.00
Mistletoe YC |Type*|Mistletoe YC |Type*|  $26.58
Misty RainMisty Rain  $32.00
MoneyMoney  $29.00
Moonlight Path (BBW) |Type*|Moonlight Path (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Morning RainMorning Rain  $35.00
Mother EarthMother Earth  $31.00
Mountain BreezeMountain Breeze  $30.00
Mountain RainMountain Rain  $30.00
MulberryMulberry  $32.00
Muscadine (Grape)Muscadine (Grape)  $22.00
Musk (M) |Type*|Musk (M) |Type*|  $34.15
Musk (New Musk)Musk (New Musk)  $36.00
Musk (W) |Type*|Musk (W) |Type*|  $31.95
Musk Clove PhantasyMusk Clove Phantasy  $35.00
Musk Orange Blossom PhantasyMusk Orange Blossom Phantasy  $20.41
My Life (W) |Type*|My Life (W) |Type*|  $26.75
Myrrh Patchouli PhantasyMyrrh Patchouli Phantasy  $38.00
Myrrh Vetiver PhantasyMyrrh Vetiver Phantasy  $46.00
Myrrh Violet PhantasyMyrrh Violet Phantasy  $38.00
Nautiqa (M) |Type*|Nautiqa (M) |Type*|  $23.66
Neroli Portofino (U) |Type*|Neroli Portofino (U) |Type*|  $31.00
New Haarlem (U) |Type*|New Haarlem (U) |Type*|  $33.00
New HomeNew Home  $38.00
Night Blooming Jasmine (BBW) |Type*|Night Blooming Jasmine (BBW) |Type*|  $28.50
Noa (W) |Type*|Noa (W) |Type*|  $22.41
Noche De TangoNoche De Tango  $31.00
Noir Tease (W) V-S |Type*|Noir Tease (W) V-S |Type*|  $25.95
NutmegNutmeg  $31.00
OakmossOakmoss  $39.00
Oatmeal Milk & Honey (v.2004)Oatmeal Milk & Honey (v.2004)  $28.00
Obsessed Nights (W) |Type*|Obsessed Nights (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Ocean BreezeOcean Breeze  $30.00
Ocean MistOcean Mist  $30.00
Ocean SprayOcean Spray  $35.00
Ocean Water YC |Type*|Ocean Water YC |Type*|  $32.00
Oceans Pier |Type*|Oceans Pier |Type*|  $33.00
Old BuccaneerOld Buccaneer  $36.00
Old Fashioned DonutOld Fashioned Donut  $28.00
Oleg Casini (M) |Type*|Oleg Casini (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Opium (M) |Type*|Opium (M) |Type*|  $38.00
OrangeOrange  $26.00
Orange (Fresh Squeezed)Orange (Fresh Squeezed)  $16.09
Orange BlossomOrange Blossom  $23.66
Orange Blossom (U) |Type*|Orange Blossom (U) |Type*|  $26.82
Orange CinnamonOrange Cinnamon  $16.09
Orange Ginger (Awake) BBW  |Type*|Orange Ginger (Awake) BBW |Type*|  $36.00
Orange Hard Candy |Type*|Orange Hard Candy |Type*|  $17.17
Orange JuiceOrange Juice  $20.43
OrchidOrchid  $22.00
Oreo CookieOreo Cookie  $25.00
Organza (W) |Type*|Organza (W) |Type*|  $51.00
OrgasmOrgasm  $28.00
OrientalOriental  $35.00
Original Penquin (M) |Type*|Original Penquin (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Orris RainOrris Rain  $35.00
OsmanthusOsmanthus  $39.00
Oxygene (W) |Type*|Oxygene (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Oxygene DverteOxygene Dverte  $35.00
P Sport (W) |Type*|P Sport (W) |Type*|  $46.00
Pacco R (U) |Type*|Pacco R (U) |Type*|  $48.00
Pacific Rock Moss (U) |*Type|Pacific Rock Moss (U) |*Type|  $43.00
Paco XS (M) |Type*|Paco XS (M) |Type*|  $35.00
PapayaPapaya  $28.00
Paper Whites (Asian)Paper Whites (Asian)  $36.00
Parade (W) |Type*|Parade (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Paris (W) |Type*|Paris (W) |Type*|  $33.00
Paris H (M) |Type*|Paris H (M) |Type*|  $31.00
Paris H (W) |Type*|Paris H (W) |Type*|  $46.00
Passion (M) |Type*|Passion (M) |Type*|  $55.00
Passion FlowerPassion Flower  $30.99
Passion FruitPassion Fruit  $20.41
Passionate Kisses (W) V-S |Type*|Passionate Kisses (W) V-S |Type*|  $35.00
Patchouli (Indonesian)Patchouli (Indonesian)  $43.00
Patchouli AlmondPatchouli Almond  $30.00
Patchouli ClassicPatchouli Classic  $32.55
Patchouli Lilac PhantasyPatchouli Lilac Phantasy  $38.00
Patchouli Oakmoss PhantasyPatchouli Oakmoss Phantasy  $24.74
Patchouli RosePatchouli Rose  $30.00
Patchouli SupremePatchouli Supreme  $39.00
Patchouli Ylang Ylang PhantasyPatchouli Ylang Ylang Phantasy  $24.45
Patchwork (U) Avon |Type*|Patchwork (U) Avon |Type*|  $35.00
Patti Label (W) |Type*|Patti Label (W) |Type*|  $31.00
Paul S (M) |Type*|Paul S (M) |Type*|  $55.00
Peach BlossomPeach Blossom  $28.00
Peach Hard Candy |Type*|Peach Hard Candy |Type*|  $30.00
Peach OrchardPeach Orchard  $33.00
PearPear  $29.00
Pear Berries (BBW) |Type*|Pear Berries (BBW) |Type*|  $20.25
Pear GlacePear Glace  $30.00
Pear Glace (W) V-S |Type*|Pear Glace (W) V-S |Type*|  $26.00
Pear VanillaPear Vanilla  $28.00
PearberryPearberry  $25.00
Pearberry MuskPearberry Musk  $28.00
Pears & ApplesPears & Apples   $17.75
PeonyPeony  $40.00
Peppercorn Ginger & ClovePeppercorn Ginger & Clove  $29.00
Peppermint SupremePeppermint Supreme  $32.00
Pikake (Pikaki)Pikake (Pikaki)  $28.00
PinePine  $45.00
Pineapple Citrus YC |Type*|Pineapple Citrus YC |Type*|  $23.66
Pineapple OrangePineapple Orange  $14.93
Pineapple SupremePineapple Supreme  $13.84
Pineapple Up-Side Down CakePineapple Up-Side Down Cake  $20.99
Pink (W) V-S |Type*|Pink (W) V-S |Type*|  $43.00
Pink Friday (W) |Type*|Pink Friday (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Pink GrapefruitPink Grapefruit  $30.00
Pink LacePink Lace  $30.00
Pink Sugar (W) |Type*|Pink Sugar (W) |Type*|  $31.00
Pivoine (W) |Type*|Pivoine (W) |Type*|  $38.00
Plaisir DvertePlaisir Dverte  $20.41
Playdoh |Type*| (Clay)Playdoh |Type*| (Clay)  $19.33
Pleasures (M) |Type*|Pleasures (M) |Type*|  $43.00
Pleasures (W) |Type*|Pleasures (W) |Type*|  $43.00
PlumPlum  $30.00
Plumeria (BBW) |Type*|Plumeria (BBW) |Type*|  $29.00
Plumeria (Hawaiian)Plumeria (Hawaiian)  $27.95
Plus (W) |Type*|Plus (W) |Type*|  $27.99
Poeme (W) |Type*|Poeme (W) |Type*|  $31.00
Polos Blue (M) |Type*|Polos Blue (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Polos Crest (M) |Type*|Polos Crest (M) |Type*|  $27.25
Polos Sport (M) |Type*|Polos Sport (M) |Type*|  $33.00
Polos Supreme Cashmere (M) |Type*|Polos Supreme Cashmere (M) |Type*|  $30.99
PomegranatePomegranate  $30.00
Pomegranate Lemonade (BBW) |Type*|Pomegranate Lemonade (BBW) |Type*|  $28.00
Ponds |Type*|Ponds |Type*|  $35.00
Poppy (W) |Type*|Poppy (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Private Collection (W) |Type*|Private Collection (W) |Type*|  $59.40
Psychedelic DreamsPsychedelic Dreams  $30.00
Pure GracesPure Graces  $35.00
Pure Seduction (W) V-S |Type*|Pure Seduction (W) V-S |Type*|  $35.00
Rain (California)Rain (California)  $23.00
Rain (Musk Mountain Rain)Rain (Musk Mountain Rain)  $32.00
Rain WaterRain Water  $35.00
Ralpf (W) |Type*|Ralpf (W) |Type*|  $40.00
Rapture (W) V-S |Type*|Rapture (W) V-S |Type*|  $38.00
Raspberry Cream YC |Type*|Raspberry Cream YC |Type*|  $30.00
Raspberry DelightRaspberry Delight  $28.00
Raspberry FizzRaspberry Fizz  $28.00
Raspberry TartRaspberry Tart  $16.09
Reaction (M) |Type*|Reaction (M) |Type*|  $62.00
Realm (M) |Type*|Realm (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Red Apple Wreath YC |Type*|Red Apple Wreath YC |Type*|  $35.00
Red Clover & Tea YC |Type*|Red Clover & Tea YC |Type*|  $28.00
Red CurrantRed Currant  $31.00
Red Currant Votevo |Type*|Red Currant Votevo |Type*|  $33.00
Red Egyptian MuskRed Egyptian Musk  $26.50
Revitalising |Type*|Revitalising |Type*|  $35.00
Rhone ValleyRhone Valley  $33.00
Rice Flower & Shea (BBW) |Type*|Rice Flower & Shea (BBW) |Type*|  $26.00
Rice MilkRice Milk  $26.00
Roasted ChestnutRoasted Chestnut  $27.00
Rocha (M) |Type*|Rocha (M) |Type*|  $22.58
Romance (M) |Type*|Romance (M) |Type*|  $51.00
Romance (W) |Type*|Romance (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Romance Silver (M) |Type*|Romance Silver (M) |Type*|  $23.41
Romantic Wish (W) V-S |Type*|Romantic Wish (W) V-S |Type*|  $22.00
RootbeerRootbeer  $29.00
Rootbeer FloatRootbeer Float  $25.00
Rose GardenRose Garden  $28.00
Rose GeraniumRose Geranium  $30.00
Rose Jasmine PhantasyRose Jasmine Phantasy  $16.55
Rose Lavender PhantasyRose Lavender Phantasy  $20.25
Rose Orange Blossom PhantasyRose Orange Blossom Phantasy  $20.41
RoseberryRoseberry  $30.00
RosemaryRosemary  $36.00
Royal Copenhagen (M) [Type*]Royal Copenhagen (M) [Type*]  $36.00
SageSage  $33.00
Sage SupremeSage Supreme  $35.00
Sakura MatsuriSakura Matsuri  $30.00
SambucaSambuca  $35.00
Samsara (W) |Type*|Samsara (W) |Type*|  $31.00
SandalwoodSandalwood  $18.95
Sandalwood (Egyptian)Sandalwood (Egyptian)  $30.00
Sandalwood Classic : Key NoteSandalwood Classic : Key Note  $32.00
Sandalwood Jasmine PhantasySandalwood Jasmine Phantasy  $30.00
Sandalwood Rose PhantasySandalwood Rose Phantasy  $30.00
Sandalwood SweetSandalwood Sweet  $33.00
Sandy RoseSandy Rose  $30.00
SassafrasSassafras  $19.95
Savannah Gardens |*Type|Savannah Gardens |*Type|  $38.00
Scarletts BoudoirScarletts Boudoir  $32.00
Scottish CoastScottish Coast  $42.00
Sea Foam and BalsamSea Foam and Balsam  $38.00
Sea SaltSea Salt  $28.00
Seal CoveSeal Cove  $32.00
Sean J (M) |Type*|Sean J (M) |Type*|  $43.00
Seaside Holiday YC |Type*|Seaside Holiday YC |Type*|  $29.00
Sensi (W) |Type*|Sensi (W) |Type*|  $44.00
Sensual Sunset (W) V-S |Type*|Sensual Sunset (W) V-S |Type*|  $36.00
Sensual VanillaSensual Vanilla  $28.00
Serein Brise DverteSerein Brise Dverte  $35.00
Serenity (BBW) |Type*|Serenity (BBW) |Type*|  $28.00
Sex On The BeachSex On The Beach  $28.00
Sex On The Beach (Sweet)Sex On The Beach (Sweet)  $30.00
Sexy Amber (W) |Type*|Sexy Amber (W) |Type*|  $44.00
Shaniya (W) |Type*|Shaniya (W) |Type*|  $32.00
SHE (W) |Type*|SHE (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Sheer Twilight Caress |Type*|Sheer Twilight Caress |Type*|  $35.00
Silky SmoothSilky Smooth  $35.00
Single Malt (U) K |Type*|Single Malt (U) K |Type*|  $85.00
SkySky  $32.00
Smoke & Odor DeodorizerSmoke & Odor Deodorizer  $30.00
Snuggles |Type*|Snuggles |Type*|  $30.00
Soft PretzelSoft Pretzel  $23.66
Southern BelleSouthern Belle  $32.00
SpearmintSpearmint  $36.00
Spiced CranberrySpiced Cranberry  $32.00
Spiced FlowersSpiced Flowers  $40.00
Spiced PearSpiced Pear  $30.00
Spiced Pear YC |Type*|Spiced Pear YC |Type*|  $17.17
Sport (W) |Type*|Sport (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Spring FlowersSpring Flowers  $28.00
Spring Flowers (W) |Type*|Spring Flowers (W) |Type*|  $36.00
Starfruit MangoStarfruit Mango  $32.00
Stella (W) |Type*|Stella (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Stewed TomatoesStewed Tomatoes  $28.00
Storm Watch YC |Type*|Storm Watch YC |Type*|  $35.00
Strawberries & Champagne (W) V-S |Type*|Strawberries & Champagne (W) V-S |Type*|  $35.00
StrawberryStrawberry  $30.00
Strawberry AlmondStrawberry Almond  $30.00
Strawberry BananaStrawberry Banana  $30.00
Strawberry CheesecakeStrawberry Cheesecake  $20.99
Strawberry Hard Candy |Type*|Strawberry Hard Candy |Type*|  $32.00
Strawberry KiwiStrawberry Kiwi  $28.00
Strawberry MangoStrawberry Mango  $30.00
Strawberry MelonStrawberry Melon  $30.00
Strawberry MuffinStrawberry Muffin  $30.00
Strawberry MuskStrawberry Musk  $32.00
Strawberry RhubarbStrawberry Rhubarb  $30.99
Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake  $21.00
Style (W) |Type*|Style (W) |Type*|  $20.50
Sugar (W) |Type*|Sugar (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Sugar CookieSugar Cookie  $26.00
Sugarcube (W) |Type*|Sugarcube (W) |Type*|  $35.00
SugarplumSugarplum  $40.00
Sun Washed Linen YC |Type*|Sun Washed Linen YC |Type*|  $27.00
Sunflowers (W) |Type*|Sunflowers (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Sunlight Moonlight & Starlight (W) |Type*|Sunlight Moonlight & Starlight (W) |Type*|  $33.00
Sunripened Raspberry (BBW) |Type*|Sunripened Raspberry (BBW) |Type*|  $26.00
Sweet Cypress & BasilSweet Cypress & Basil  $50.00
Sweet JasmineSweet Jasmine  $35.00
Sweet OakmossSweet Oakmoss  $22.69
Sweet OrangeSweet Orange  $21.00
Sweet Pea (BBW) |Type*|Sweet Pea (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Sweet SummerSweet Summer  $30.00
Sweet Temptations (W) V-S |Type*|Sweet Temptations (W) V-S |Type*|  $23.66
SweetgrassSweetgrass  $31.00
Sweetgrass Cedar and SageSweetgrass Cedar and Sage  $35.00
Sweetwater Method |Type*|Sweetwater Method |Type*|  $35.00
Swiss Army (M) |Type*|Swiss Army (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Tangerine LavenderTangerine Lavender  $28.00
Tangerine TangoTangerine Tango  $28.00
Tangerine YC |Type*|Tangerine YC |Type*|  $18.25
TeaTea  $27.00
Tea Rose FreesiaTea Rose Freesia  $28.00
Tennis Ball AromaTennis Ball Aroma  $33.50
Tiempe Passate (W) |Type*|Tiempe Passate (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Tiffeny (M) |Type*|Tiffeny (M) |Type*|  $39.00
Tommy (M) |Type*|Tommy (M) |Type*|  $31.00
Tommy B (M) |Type*|Tommy B (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Tommy B (W) |Type*|Tommy B (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Tommy Jeans (M) |Type*|Tommy Jeans (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Touch (M) |Type*|Touch (M) |Type*|  $39.00
Touch (W) |Type*|Touch (W) |Type*|  $60.00
Touch Of Pink (W) |Type*|Touch Of Pink (W) |Type*|  $22.58
Tranquille DverteTranquille Dverte  $30.00
Tresor (W) |Type*|Tresor (W) |Type*|  $59.45
TropicalTropical  $15.50
Tropical ForestTropical Forest  $32.00
Tropical Punch (W) |Type*|Tropical Punch (W) |Type*|  $35.00
Tropical Rain ForestTropical Rain Forest  $30.00
Tropical SunsetTropical Sunset  $28.00
TuberoseTuberose  $39.00
Tulip YC |Type*|Tulip YC |Type*|  $45.00
Tuscan Tomato Leaf & BasilTuscan Tomato Leaf & Basil  $40.00
Twilight Woods (BBW) |Type*|Twilight Woods (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Unconditional Love (W) Philos |Type*|Unconditional Love (W) Philos |Type*|  $29.00
Unforgivable (M) |Type*|Unforgivable (M) |Type*|  $48.00
Vanilla AlmondVanilla Almond  $28.00
Vanilla Fields (W) |Type*|Vanilla Fields (W) |Type*|  $40.00
Vanilla Sandalwood YC |Type*|Vanilla Sandalwood YC |Type*|  $36.00
Vanilla SpiceVanilla Spice  $30.00
Vanilla Tea LeafVanilla Tea Leaf  $33.00
VerbenaVerbena  $36.00
Vermont Maple SyrupVermont Maple Syrup  $30.00
Versus (M) |Type*|Versus (M) |Type*|  $40.00
Very CherryVery Cherry  $20.00
Very Sexy (M) V-S |Type*|Very Sexy (M) V-S |Type*|  $35.00
Very Sexy (W) V-S |Type*|Very Sexy (W) V-S |Type*|  $35.00
Very Very BerryVery Very Berry  $25.00
Very W (M) |Type*|Very W (M) |Type*|  $35.00
Very W (W) |Type*|Very W (W) |Type*|  $41.00
VetiverVetiver  $70.00
Victorian RoseVictorian Rose  $30.00
Vineyard HarvestVineyard Harvest  $30.00
Vineyard YC |Type*|Vineyard YC |Type*|  $29.00
Vintage Rose YC |Type*|Vintage Rose YC |Type*|  $37.00
VioletViolet  $33.00
Violet Patchouli PhantasyViolet Patchouli Phantasy  $29.00
Violet SummerViolet Summer  $32.00
Violet Vanilla PhantasyViolet Vanilla Phantasy  $35.00
Virgin Island Water (U) |Type*|Virgin Island Water (U) |Type*|  $35.00
Walk In The WoodsWalk In The Woods  $26.00
Warm Apple CrispWarm Apple Crisp  $28.00
Water Blossom Ivy (BBW) |Type*|Water Blossom Ivy (BBW) |Type*|  $35.00
Water LilyWater Lily  $38.00
Water LotusWater Lotus  $30.99
Watermelon Hard Candy |Type*|Watermelon Hard Candy |Type*|  $32.00
Weekend (W) |Type*|Weekend (W) |Type*|  $45.00
Wet KissesWet Kisses  $25.00
White Diamonds (W) |Type*|White Diamonds (W) |Type*|  $49.99
White MuskWhite Musk  $30.00
White Patchouli (W) |Type*|White Patchouli (W) |Type*|  $29.00
White TeaWhite Tea  $42.00
Wild Blueberry VanillaWild Blueberry Vanilla  $23.00
Wild Cherry VanillaWild Cherry Vanilla  $26.00
Wild Raspberry VanillaWild Raspberry Vanilla  $26.00
Wind Song (W) |Type*|Wind Song (W) |Type*|  $41.00
Wings (W) |Type*|Wings (W) |Type*|  $35.00
WintergreenWintergreen  $28.00
Wonderstruck Enchanted (W) |Type*|Wonderstruck Enchanted (W) |Type*|  $38.00
Ylang YlangYlang Ylang  $31.00
Ysatis (W) |Type*|Ysatis (W) |Type*|  $39.00
Z-14 (M) |Type*|Z-14 (M) |Type*|  $40.00
Zen ChristmasZen Christmas  $28.00
Zen GardenZen Garden  $32.00
Zeno (M) |Type*|Zeno (M) |Type*|  $35.00

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