formula #4

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undoubtedly, you noticed the disproportionate amount of the water phase in this recipe. let me explain how i arrived at this formula.
when i emerge clean from a shower, the last thing i want to do is cover myself all over with lotion. however, sometimes, during the colder winter months, (or even during the summer months when you tend to take a lot of showers), after drying, your skin has a husky-looking appearance and a slightly taught feeling.
i took a portion of the lotion I was using at the time and diluted it one part lotion to 2 parts water. this produced a very thin, light, yet moisturizing mixture that spread readily because of the high water content. a very little covered a large area, restoring the skin's luster and alleviating the taught feeling. the funny thing was that the lotion was spread so thin, it left no feeling of anything having been applied at all. and because the actual amount of oils in the dilution is so small, it's virtually non-greasy.
this recipe simply substitues aloe vera for the additional water and incorporates the dilution into the formula ..which explains the disproportionate amount of the water phase.