bar-soap conversion

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below is the simple recipe i followed to convert solid bar soap to liquid form. the soap used was plain, unscented, 100% castille made using the normal cp process; the objective was as mild a liquid as possible. i suspect that the weak lather of the resulting liquid could be improved if the bar soap contains a small amount of coconut and palm oils.
2-½ cups  watercombine the grated soap, palm oil, and glycerin in simmering water in a double boiler. cook until all the soap is dissolved. remove from heat. add the vodka. let cool slightly, add fragrance, color, or whatever. bottle, being sure to strain out any undissolved soap bits.
2 cups  castille bar soap (grated)
1 tbsp.  palm oil
½ tbsp.  glycerin (optional)
1 tsp.  vodka
1-½ tsp.  fragrance (optional)

this recipe didn't disclose the rationale for the additions of the palm oil or the vodka (alcohol). further testing may uncover the actual reason(s). i suspect that the palm oil is for texture and emolience and the alcohol is to help keep the bar soap dissolved.
this resulting soap was water-thin. adding more bar soap is not an option since past experience shows that this only causes the mixture to congeal upon standing. (one could resort to a thickening agent like xanthan gum, etc.)