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it's easy enough to access the "main" pages [of this site] either from the front page or the navigation icon bar [on each of the main pages]. however, there are many sub-pages which are only accessible from within certain main pages, making them difficult to locate if you're not on the right referring page. so, i created this hierarchical "site map" to offer easy access [from one location] to any and all pages of this site as well as any off-site links.
note: the main pages and their sub-sections (in bold) will open in the current browser window. you can navigate back to this site map via the magnifying glass in the icon bar.
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site map:front [index] page
introduction to essential oils
essential oils list
aromatherapy list
toxicity myths
aromatherapy global online research archives
creating a scent
notes (list of olfactory descriptive terms)
perfume page (formulas for creating full-balanced perfumes)
fragrance formulas
rainbow meadows (formula database)
perfume page (same as listed under "creating a scent")
about amber (information about amber ...and ambergris)
fragrance formulas:hydrosols
making perfume / cologne
using vodka or everclear
my sweet victora (perfume alcohol source -- formula 40b)
snowdrift farm (perfume alcohol source -- formula 40b)
the chemistry store (perfume alcohol source -- formula 40b)
saveonscents (perfume alcohol source -- formula 39c)
phthalate safety (article on safety of phthalates -- in formula 39c)
atomizer king (perfume bottle and atomizer source)
butters / scrubs
natrasorb (source: snowdrift farms)
lip balm
oils & butters (list of oils/butters with characteristics and benefits)
mms (source for sweetened flavor oil)
lip balm sweeteners
natural sweet oil (source of "alleged" naturally sweet coconut oil)
sunblock & spf
lotions / creams -- features lotion calculator
oils & butters (same as listed under "lip balm")
mms (source for allantoin)
skin ph
preservatives and antioxidants
the herbarie (source for lotion emulsifiers and thickeners)
formula #4 (addition notes on recipe #4)
all about cold cream (addition notes on cold cream)
snowdrift farm (extensive tutorial on lotion making)
lotioncrafter (source for lotion making supplies)
lotioncrafter tech sheet (reference and technical data on lotion making ingredients)
lotion chart help (tips for using the lotion calculator)
hlb emulsion system
sunblock & spf (same as listed under "lip balm")
bath bombs
bath oils
bath salts
introduction to soapmaking
kathy's miller's soap pages (excellent source of soapmaking information)
kathy's miller's rebatch pages (shared experiences in rebatching)
introduction to soapmaking:curing
melt & pour soap: making m&p soap
melt & pour soap: recipes and designs
spinning leaf -- formerly -- (my source for regular and 3d soap molds)
[bar] soap from scratch (cold process)
soap recipes
oils chart (list of oils with sap, lye, ins, and iodine data)
goat's milk page
lye calculator -- features "online" soap calculator with recipe analysis
   soapcalc download (page for downloading the offline spreadsheet soap calculator)
my rebatch (the process i use for rebatching)
ph strip comparison
cream soap 1 / cream soap 2 (hot process)
soap recipes
   cream soap notes (addition notes on the cream soap recipes listed)
lye calculator (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")
   soapcalc download (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")
liquid soap (hot process)
bar soap conversion (making liquid soap from bar soap)
soap recipes
oil properties (list of oils with their fatty acid components)
lye calculator (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")
   soapcalc download (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")
thickening liquid soap
transparent m&p soap (hot process)
kathy miller's glycerin soap page (shared experiences in making transparent soap)
the chemistry store (ethanol source)
soap recipes
lye calculator (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")
   soapcalc download (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")
whipped soap (cold process)
terry nisbet's page (the creator of this process)
pioneers' diary (entries from others experimenting with this process)
soap recipes
lye calculator (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")
   soapcalc download (same as listed under "[bar] soap from scratch")