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note: if you haven't already done so, view the main calculator page to get information on this spreadsheet calculator before downloading. (this is in case you've linked to this page, not from the main calculator page, but directly from a search or some other link.)
click on the appropriate image [below] to download the calculator. download it in the usual manner, (option-click for mac, right-click for pc). the left-most image is the uncompressed calculator. if for any reason you're having trouble with the download (i.e. getting a corrupted file, or you're getting a generic file that your computer doesn't recognize), you can download the compressed version -- (".zip" for pc) or (".sit" for mac). you will need the appropriate "expander" utitlity to decompress these. -- (if you need a decompressing utility, you can download the free stuffit expander.)
calculator.xlt (239.6K) (87.0K) calculator.sit (73.7K)