skin esscentuals

this is not intended to be a tutorial. the purpose of this site is not to instruct, but merely to share my personal experience, conclusions, and observations in creating my own fragrances and bath/skin-care products. however, the material contained herein may inspire you, confirm some of your own conclusions, or provide you with that bit of elusive information you need to succeed with your own project(s).
advisory - if you are interested in making your own bath/skin-care products, the information and supplies are readily available.
be wary of anyone who gets these supplies (from the same places you could get them) and simply repackages them for sale at an inflated cost.
be wary of those who gather up information (from the same places you could get it) and try to sell it. instructions and recipes are plentiful and most people are happy to share them. never buy "how to" books unless you get them from an "authorized expert" in the field.
there's a great deal of mis-information on the web and i'm constantly revising my understanding of these topics as the result of my own experience as well as my uncovering new and/or corrected data. therefore be advised that any statements made herein are subject to revision.

for me, the common denominator of all this is the essential oil. essential oils are used to create personal and utility fragrances as well as the scent [and flavor] component of the skin care products ...and let's not overlook their respective therapeutic qualities.
i've tried to distill the myriad (and sometimes contradictory) bits of information i've gathered [from so many sources] into a cohesive (albeit simplified) understanding of the inclusive topics. i've also incorporated my own comments based on my experience with the products and/or processes. simply put, this site is my attempt at making sense of it all.

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i've divided the site into the following sections:
essential oils
> introduction to essential oils
> essential oils (list)
> aromatherapy (list)
fragrance blending
> creating a scent
> fragrance formulas
> making perfume / cologne
skin care products
> butters / scrubs
> lip balm
> lotions / creams
pour le bain (for the bath)
> bath bombs
> bath oils
> bath salts
> introduction to soapmaking
> recipes and designs (m&p)
> [bar] soap from scratch (cp)
> cream soap 1 / cream soap 2 (hp)
> liquid soap (hp)
> transparent soap (hp)
> whipped soap (cp)

• allspice • ambrette • amyris • angelica • anise • armoise • balsam peru • basil • bay • benzoin • bergamot • birch • bitter almond • black pepper • cade • cajeput • calendula • camphor • caraway • cardamon • carrot • cedarwood • chamomile • cinnamon • cistus • citronella • clary sage • clove • coriander • cumin • cypress • dillweed • elemi • eucalyptus • fennel • fir • frankincense • galbanum • geranium • ginger • grapefruit • helichrysum • hyssop • jasmine • juniper • lavender • lemon • lemongrass • lime • litsea cubeba • mandarin • marjoram • melissa • myrrh • myrtle • neroli • niaouli • nutmeg • oakmoss • orange • oregano • palmarosa • parsley • patchouli • pennyroyal • peppermint • pettigrain • pine • ravensara • rose • rosehip • rosemary • rosewood • sage • sandalwood • spearmint • spikenard • spruce • tagetes • tangerine • tea tree • thyme • vanilla • verbena • vetiver • violet • wintergreen • wormwood • yarrow • ylang ylang •

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